1. B

    N18 House Sub-plots with Outlaw Gangs

    Hello, Hive citizens, I come with a question that is troubling me, and it's about House Sub-plots. Let's say I want to run a Dominion Campaign, but want to include the Black Market and Criminal Alliances that came in the Book of Judgment as well as Guild Alliances from the Book of Peril and I...
  2. SirWalterManny

    N18 Imperial Imposters - Master Charlatan (Book of Judgement, p13, p15)

    Am I missing something obvious? P13: “When choosing an alliance in which to enter into, an Outlaw gang may select from one of the following:.... Imperial Imposters” - Only Outlaw gangs can have an alliance with them. Law abiding gangs may not. P15: [Imperial Imposters: Drawbacks] “During the...
  3. Loriel

    Spyrers for N17 WIP

    Spyrers for N17 VAULT LINK: https://yaktribe.games/community/vault/n17-spyrers.955/ Introduction: First I started a project for Spyrers on my own, but @Graushwein and @Ikiry0 suggested that we would team up to make these rules better. Hopefully we can come up with decent rules that capture...
  4. B

    Getting Wasted: Ash Waste Nomads

    Hello Everyone After a long time reading through several Threads i decided to present you my Gang and maybe get some enriching feedback. I've played my first and only necromunda game 6 or 7 years ago as a young teenager and instantly liked it. The small player base and lacking support from GW...
  5. undertaker

    [OCE] Heist Too Good for Non-Outlaws

    It has come to the attention of our gaming group that the Outlanders Heist scenario is a bit too profitable for non-outlaws. The problem is that the stolen loot is directly cashed in as equipment, rather than being added to a gang's income. This may be OK for outlaws, who get almost nothing...
  6. Insurgent


    Here is a fare way to kill that outlaw or outlander gang that is just out of hand. If you get three citations against an outlaw gang you can declare a Rebel Purge.
  7. Anthony

    LRB Tainted Priest v1.0

    Due to the prejudices of the Ecclesiarchy those that are deemed beyond redemption are forced elsewhere for spiritual solace. Every day countless newly formed cults concoct doctrines influenced by greed, power or their own twisted ideals of deliverance. Whole settlements can become embroiled due...