1. Loriel

    Necromunda Campaign: Spire of Babel

    SPIRE OF BABEL INTRODUCTION Spire of Babel is ancient dome that has collapsed. Its ruins harbors vile creatures and wretched dwellers, who doesn't care about the Guilders laws. Sometimes house gangs attempt to establish permanent foothold in the wild Babel, but time after time Babel has proven...
  2. Loriel

    N17 Gangs of the Babel 2

    Here is rules for outlander gangs used in Spire of Babel campaign. Rules are converted from OCE rules for latest N18 ruleset. For the most part they are usable in any Dominon campaign but some of the rules are designed especially for Spire of Babel campaign.
  3. Loriel

    N18 Custom rules for Outlanders

    Introduction I am long time necromunda gamer. I always liked the old outlanders and their thematical rules. Thus I want to have rules for them to use during N18 games. This thread is about gaining ideas and working out something quite simple to use and flavourful outlander experiences. I will...
  4. The Enforcer, Brood Brother

    The Enforcer, Brood Brother

    As his namesake may suggest, The Enforcer is right hand man and enforcer to The Supremo, in charge of maintaining order and control among the other Cultists as well as being chief of "acquisitions" for the Prophet and The Supremo to help "enlighten" those ignorant to the words of The Devouring Truth
  5. Cutthroat, Brood Brother

    Cutthroat, Brood Brother

    The newest member to the Cult, Cutthroat has an insatiable bloodthirst for those not worthy to be enlightened by the Truth
  6. Boomstick, Brood Brother

    Boomstick, Brood Brother

    Boomstick was one of those first enlightened by the Prophet to the beauty and awe of The Devouring Truth shortly before Hive Secundus fell
  7. Slick, Brood Brother

    Slick, Brood Brother

    Armed with a Lasgun, Slick is one of the more sly members of the Cult being one of the best scavengers around Hive Secundus before being enlightened by the Prophet himself
  8. 'Eavy, Brood Brother

    'Eavy, Brood Brother

    Heavy Weapons Expert of the Cult armed with Heavy Plasma Gun. He relishes the chance to annihilate those unworthy to the Truth
  9. The Supremo, Magus

    The Supremo, Magus

    Leader of the Cult, seconded only to the All Holy Prophet, Genestealer Patriarch
  10. Jacob Dryearth

    Infamy and Outlaws, new rules

    https://yaktribe.games/community/vault/infamy-and-outlaws.932/ It occurs to me that I never posted in these forums to draw attention to the N17 outlaw rules, which I converted from classic Necromunda. I'm not sure how many people actively search for new resources in the Vault, so here is the...
  11. alphonse

    Warbands & Path to Heresy

    Hi guys! We will soon rework the warbands in N17 Inquismunda. Based on feedbacks from the community and players groups, there is a wish to get more freedom in the warband creation process. What direction to take? The V3.0 warbands revision by @Tiny was a big step toward this goal, getting rid...
  12. RinseWashRepeat

    Necromunda Give Away - Rulebooks (damaged)

    Hey there! I was recently clearing out the loft and came across these old rulebooks. I can't bear to throw them away so was hoping to find someone on these here forums to take them off my hands. Would just ask for a couple of quid to cover postage. That's all. Any questions, drop me a message...
  13. B

    Getting Wasted: Ash Waste Nomads

    Hello Everyone After a long time reading through several Threads i decided to present you my Gang and maybe get some enriching feedback. I've played my first and only necromunda game 6 or 7 years ago as a young teenager and instantly liked it. The small player base and lacking support from GW...
  14. scavvyjay

    Getting Outlawed in Imunda

    Just wondering how many (if any) use the Outlawing mechanic from Necromunda in their Inquisimunda games. I was thinking to myself that if a warband loses 4 out of 5 territories and are reduced to scavenging then it doesn't sit well with certain groups, Nobilist Factions and Inquisition Cells...
  15. Insurgent

    Territory and income for Inquisimunda? Outlaws and foraging?

    Just let me know if I missed something in the Inquisimunda rules 2.0? If I didn't.....can I say that I am fine with some of those factions getting a bunch or more of the usual territory and income. But other factions Eldar, Orks, Mutants are obviously "Outlaws" and "Outlander". In some scene...