1. K

    Free artist database for all

    On the Warzone Studio game mat manufacturers’ website, a free section has been opened for miniature painters to register. Registering on the site is quite simple and intuitive, so I think it will help artists from yaktribe find potential clients. And clients will be able to find an artist who...
  2. Lord_Ikka

    Ikka's junkyard

    Hello all. This will be an attempt to catalogue some of my various painting work across various games/themes. A little background on me- I'm Ikka, or Lord_Ikka, Lord Ikka, or Hey You! in various forums and games and whatnot. I've been a wargamer for about 25 years, since 3rd edition of 40k...
  3. DC_DeCrypt

    DC_Decrypt’s Hobby Bits

    Hi folks! Figured it was high time to try this hobby log thing as i get stuff done. This week’s efforts will be in prep for an upcoming local campaign plus yakmeet. Today competes my second wrecker for the starting gang. More pics on my insta.
  4. Its Always shady in the fang

    Its Always shady in the fang

    Gang at campaign start
  5. Badaab

    Return to the Underhive

    Its been a minute (or like 7 years lol), but here are some of my more recent Necromunda efforts- a fair few of these could use new photographs, but that will come in due course. currently I'm participating in the yearly Orktober event in which I challenge myself to paint...
  6. L

    N18 Delaque Psyk. Gang 1st build ide

    First off I’d like to say hi and thank you. I’m more of a painter/modeler than a player. I enjoy building a painting themed armies/teams etc. I’ve never played Necromunda and I don’t know anyone in my area that could show me. That being said, I’d like to build and paint a 1K Delaque gang that...
  7. Mutant Modifier

    Color theory mysteries

    I'm baffled. Can anyone help and explain me this. The question is: WHY is the RYB color theory / color wheel (where red, yellow and blue are being appointed and credited as primary colors) still being primarily used and referenced by many artists, painters, teachers, tutors and publications...
  8. Friends.JPG


  9. Robot.png


    Recon Automata
  10. Scoresby.png


    Ranger Scoresby
  11. Condottiero Magno

    Are Contrast Paints Acrylics?

    I asked the guy at the Warhammer store and he said no, but based on the description, I thought these would be thinnish acrylics with heavy pigment content.:confused: So what are contrast paints? Could I mix Leviadon Blue with clear gesso to make a primer? I did this with base color Khorne Red to...
  12. Battle Mages

    Battle Mages

    Still to be varnished.
  13. Handgunners WIP

    Handgunners WIP

    Quick work on Handgunners. Still to do the finishing touches.
  14. Corpse Grinders.jpg

    Corpse Grinders.jpg

    Brass Butchers of the 8th Sub Sect
  15. WIP modular board tile 1/5

    WIP modular board tile 1/5

    Started making tiles for a modular board. Try to get it somewhat suitable for both Necromunda & 40k.
  16. 20191110_181937.jpg


    My Ambots
  17. 20191110_182359.jpg


    My Gang the Prison Kings
  18. Buggies & Gretchin painted

    Buggies & Gretchin painted

  19. Buggies painted!

    Buggies painted!

  20. Buggies painted!

    Buggies painted!