1. Mutant Modifier

    Color theory mysteries

    I'm baffled. Can anyone help and explain me this. The question is: WHY is the RYB color theory / color wheel (where red, yellow and blue are being appointed and credited as primary colors) still being primarily used and referenced by many artists, painters, teachers, tutors and publications...
  2. Friends.JPG


  3. Robot.png


    Recon Automata
  4. Scoresby.png


    Ranger Scoresby
  5. Condottiero Magno

    Are Contrast Paints Acrylics?

    I asked the guy at the Warhammer store and he said no, but based on the description, I thought these would be thinnish acrylics with heavy pigment content.:confused: So what are contrast paints? Could I mix Leviadon Blue with clear gesso to make a primer? I did this with base color Khorne Red to...
  6. Battle Mages

    Battle Mages

    Still to be varnished.
  7. Handgunners WIP

    Handgunners WIP

    Quick work on Handgunners. Still to do the finishing touches.
  8. Corpse Grinders.jpg

    Corpse Grinders.jpg

    Brass Butchers of the 8th Sub Sect
  9. WIP modular board tile 1/5

    WIP modular board tile 1/5

    Started making tiles for a modular board. Try to get it somewhat suitable for both Necromunda & 40k.
  10. 20191110_181937.jpg


    My Ambots
  11. 20191110_182359.jpg


    My Gang the Prison Kings
  12. Buggies & Gretchin painted

    Buggies & Gretchin painted

  13. Buggies painted!

    Buggies painted!

  14. Buggies painted!

    Buggies painted!

  15. Buggies painted!

    Buggies painted!

  16. Buggies painted!

    Buggies painted!

  17. Buggies painted!

    Buggies painted!

  18. Buggies painting WIP

    Buggies painting WIP

  19. Buggies painting WIP

    Buggies painting WIP

  20. Buggies painting WIP

    Buggies painting WIP