palanite enforcers

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  2. Big Joe

    Big Joe

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  4. Scrutinator-Primus Servalen

    Scrutinator-Primus Servalen

  5. Sergent Socrate

    Sergent Socrate

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  10. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry

  11. Captain Phoenix

    Captain Phoenix

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  13. G

    N18 Restraint Protocols and the new rulebook

    Hey all. With the release of the new rulebook and the overhaul on how capturing fighters work, the Palanite Drill Skill Restraint Protocols no longer function. Has anyone seen if we have official errata for them yet? In the meantime do you think it would be best to match Restraint Protocols to...
  14. Capt Koffer - Subjugator Captain.png

    Capt Koffer - Subjugator Captain.png

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    Palanite enforcer
  16. M

    N18 How to add a Hard-Case Cyber-Mastiff to Enforcers in the Gang Manager?

    Hello there! We have recently started a campaign (my first as Arbitrator) and I am playing as the Palanite Enforcers. Having now accrued 90 Credits over two games, I am looking at/considering adding a hard-case cyber-mastiff - but here is the question: Where do I find it? It is not on the...
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    Junkfall Wardens
  18. G

    N18 Palanite Hardened Flak minimum pen value. Is it +1 or -1

    In the book of Judgment, the rules for tha hardened flak variants state 'the Armour Penetration of the weapon is decreased by 1, to a minimum of 1'. Does this mean the minimum pen value against hardened armour is -1 or +1. AP can increase armour value since the Maul is +1AP so it seems...
  19. B

    N18 Help: Palanite Enforcers, rules for Proctor/Provost Marshal?

    Hello everyone! Does anyone know if rules for the ranks of Proctor/Provost Marshal exist for the Enforcers? I see the ranks on the wiki ( and am curious if there are rules available for these higher ranks, or if they are just listed there for...
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    Precinct 482 - cmagee79 - MP