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    N18 First time player, 1000pts Enforcers

    Hello there! At the behest of my D&D group, I am getting into Necromunda after a decade-long break from the 41st millennium. Members of our group have already picked Orlocks (which probably would have been my go-to) and Goliaths, so after a bit of research I found myself drawn to the Enforcer...
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    ©GW Palanite Enforcers
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    GW Palanite
  4. Ghost Division

    Ghost Division

    Starting roster
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    N18 Enforcer skills

    Been involved in a campaign out my local FLGS and in a suprising twist my enforcers have been pretty solid, well inside the top 3rd! At the halfway point i'm now having the classic lack of funds issue but my main challenge seems to be what skills to progress my champs/juves with. I have a CC sub...
  6. rookie 2

    rookie 2

  7. Palanite Captain

    Palanite Captain

  8. Enfocers bolter

    Enfocers bolter

  9. Long Rifle

    Long Rifle

  10. delaque vs enforcers

    delaque vs enforcers

    theme picture of a delaque gang driving some enforces to the wall
  11. ten_kage

    N18 Enforcers as a "neutral" element and how to balance them

    Hey everybody! Due to the lockdown restrictions that still affects my country, I have resorted to start a 2 Player campaign with my brother. We play on a map that is composed of 12 territories, including the 2 gangs' hideout. We decided, to spice up the thing a bit, to have a patrol of...
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