1. T

    N18 Bill Posters

    I was wondering where's a good place for finding 40k/necromunda bill posters. I'm wanting to sort some terrain or and add some nicely atmospheric posters to the walls
  2. cainex1

    Necromunda 4 Pages of Necromunda Signs and Posters 2018-12-16

    Compiled for easy use and scaled to normal sheet size. Previews provided here, the originals are around 3 MB each. Updated main sheet to theme better and pack more goodies New sheet added with more tasty Necro goodness!
  3. K

    How to work with decals and print outs

    As far as I know, there are several ways to add printed detail to our terrain or miniatures: Decals (From the box, laser or inkjet printed) Temporary Tattoos Printed paper Stickers It's almost twenty years ago that I used any of these and so I'm wondering what your experiences are with either...
  4. Flobojoe

    Wanted posters 2015-10-02

    A PDF copy of the wanted posters I added to my last competition entry. The posters come in a few sizes. I will get around to updating this at some point
  5. djmothra

    Necromunda Warning Signs and Propaganda Posters 1.0

    A quickly put together sheet(A4 sized) of warning signs - those typically seen around construction sites and on buildings - along with a few fun ones. Also included here are some Propaganda Posters - please note, these are not real historical Propaganda posters (as to not offend anyone), they...