1. Ekodzoona

    Propaganda Posters

    Hello. Its almost impossible to buy transfers for original posters. Many of our club players would like to got them and I made these templates. What do you think? Can I upload a HQ template here?
  2. Necromunda posters GG3.jpg

    Necromunda posters GG3.jpg

    More posters compiled from the community and official sources. Edited from previous compilations made by others.
  3. Necromunda posters compilation GG2

    Necromunda posters compilation GG2

    Necromunda posters compilation 2, old favorites and new material.
  4. Necromunda posters compilation

    Necromunda posters compilation

    Necromunda posters compilation GG1
  5. ClockworkOrange

    NCE Trollholme Advertising Hoardings 2020-01-28

    Various Images used for Trollholme Advertising Hoardings.
  6. T

    N18 Bill Posters

    I was wondering where's a good place for finding 40k/necromunda bill posters. I'm wanting to sort some terrain or and add some nicely atmospheric posters to the walls
  7. cainex1

    Necromunda 4 Pages of Necromunda Signs and Posters 2018-12-16

    Compiled for easy use and scaled to normal sheet size. Previews provided here, the originals are around 3 MB each. Updated main sheet to theme better and pack more goodies New sheet added with more tasty Necro goodness!
  8. K

    How to work with decals and print outs

    As far as I know, there are several ways to add printed detail to our terrain or miniatures: Decals (From the box, laser or inkjet printed) Temporary Tattoos Printed paper Stickers It's almost twenty years ago that I used any of these and so I'm wondering what your experiences are with either...
  9. Flobojoe

    Wanted posters 2015-10-02

    A PDF copy of the wanted posters I added to my last competition entry. The posters come in a few sizes. I will get around to updating this at some point
  10. djmothra

    Necromunda Warning Signs and Propaganda Posters 1.0

    A quickly put together sheet(A4 sized) of warning signs - those typically seen around construction sites and on buildings - along with a few fun ones. Also included here are some Propaganda Posters - please note, these are not real historical Propaganda posters (as to not offend anyone), they...