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  2. Redemptionists Brethren

    Redemptionists Brethren

    Painted by Rich Goss
  3. Root Priest and Brutes

    Root Priest and Brutes

  4. YakTribe

    Vampire Hunters of Sylvania 1.0

    Death comes for each man. Nowhere is this more evident than the lands of Sylvania. The tyrannical reign of the Von Carsteins has held sway for generations, keeping man and beast cowering indoors once darkness falls. It is a dismal life that is lead in Sylvania, however it is often not over when...
  5. YakTribe

    Protectorate of Sigmar 1.0

    The Church of Sigmar has long played an active roll in the protection of the Empire. Warrior Priests have marched with Generals to purge the lands of Greenskin invasions, and they have stood as stalwart defenders when the storms of chaos blew in from the north. Each high ranking Warrior Priest...
  6. YakTribe

    Fallen Dwarves 1.0

    During the fall of Karak Eight Peaks many dwarves were trapped within the warren of tunnels beneath the city during the skaven attack. They sealed themselves in a small network of caverns and were abandoned when those from the upper halls were forced to quit Karak Eight Peaks. Living in caves...
  7. YakTribe

    Cursed Dwarves 1.0

    The Dwarfs built the stronghold Karak-Zorn in the Southlands upon the snow capped peaks, surrounded by the green steaming jungle. The Dwarfs in the Old World thinks that the stronghold of Karak-Zorn has been lost to attackers, they havent been heard from in centuries and no one have been able to...
  8. Anthony

    LRB Tainted Priest v1.0

    Due to the prejudices of the Ecclesiarchy those that are deemed beyond redemption are forced elsewhere for spiritual solace. Every day countless newly formed cults concoct doctrines influenced by greed, power or their own twisted ideals of deliverance. Whole settlements can become embroiled due...
  9. Anthony

    LRB Priest v1.0

    Such are the depravities that are bounden upon all Underhivers it is of little surprise many of them seek emotional solace in the hands of the priests. Preachers line the boulevards and trading posts delivering messages of divine will and salvation, but others sometimes seek a much more direct...