1. alexflagg

    N18 Law & Misrule Racket Resource now on Google Sheets

    Hey Yaks! I have created an interactive Google Sheet to run Law and Misrule Rackets as well as gangs, since Malo hadn't folded Rackets into the Campaign Manager. I literally just finished making this bad boy...only to discover he rolled out Rackets on Sunday *lolsob* Well, at least I learned a...
  2. B

    N18 combining rackets and territories

    Hey hivescum, so kicking around a idea, because frankly the law and misrule isn’t very fun. I like the idea of rackets thematically but it’s basically a broken dominion campaign as of right now. I am thinking about making it so the rackets act as a territory upgrade when conditions are meet and...
  3. thanejaw

    N18 Automatic Alliances with Guilds and rackets

    Certain Rackets create automatic alliances with Guilds. You can only have an alliance with one Guild - however you can control multiple Rackets. Can a Gang own multiple Guild Bond Rackets? If so - how do you deal with alliances? My gut and considered feel is that no, you can only have 1...