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    the ratskins scurry out of the enclave to scavenge the ash waste
  3. Edster Ratskins s

    Edster Ratskins s

  4. K

    N18 Ratskin Name Generator

    Greetings! I made a crappy humble Ratskin Name Generator. Most of the results are... not that great, but some are quite decent. Feel free to add content! https://perchance.org/ratskinnames
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  6. Aulenback

    Kroot Hunter Pack 2020-01-09

    Shadow War: Armageddon is fully compatible with both Original Rule Book Necromunda and with GorkaMorka. Despite this flexibility, it completely lacks the option of a Kroot kill team, focusing instead entirely on the Tau. Luckily, a careful adoption of the ORB Ratskin Renegades template allows...
  7. Aulenback

    Kroot SW:A team rules, modified from Ratskins

    Ahoy, all. I've been trying to find a good way to bring kroot mercenaries into the SW:A ruleset [since the Tau list essentially ignored them], and thanks to the similarities between SW:A and ORB Necromunda, may have found a way. I would ask those with an interest to have a look at the...
  8. MedMos

    MedMos' WIP - the slowjuicer of Plogs

    So, I decided to get my own thread going. Updates will range from sporadic to non-existant, but hey, such is life.;) I am hoping to get some good feedback and advice from this awesome community, so don't hope for anything extraordinary here. There is some serious talent on this site (you all...
  9. Malaclypse3

    Necromunda Community Edition Ratskin Scatterguns cost

    Hey guys, like your website. The community edition scatter guns for Ratskins cost 10 on the editor and 5 in the latest community edition download, I'm guessing the edition has the right cost as the range got reduced to 12"? Thanks. :)
  10. enyoss

    Totem Warriors

    This is a question for seasoned Ratskin players :D. I played ratskins way back in 1996 when they first came out but haven't used them since. I plan on using them again soon but the list has changed quite a bit. The biggest change is the inclusion of Totem Warriors. Do people think these guys...
  11. R

    Weapon classifications

    Hi! For determining if an extra attack dice can be gained when using 2 close combat weapons, which of the ratskins primitive weapons count as basic/special? We have been playing handbow as a pistol and musket/scattergun as basic.
  12. Loriel

    Loriel's Terrain / Model Blog

    Introduction Hello! I am a long time Warhammer, Necromunda and mordheim player and this is my random blog of random stuff. This blog contains mostly Necromunda stuff, but occational warhammer fantasy battle + Mordheim items also can come accross. Last update (18.2.2021) Warcry Projects 2021...