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    N18 Redemptionist Gang with things I have

    My plans for bits laying around if I can find motivation and time to finish my standart Cawdor and Orlocks Redemption For You (and you alone) Mostly rule of cool... Might even switch Priest's evis-creator with twin chain axes with exterminators... Will be using flagellant bodies for most of the...
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  3. Banner of the Gallowshrine Faithful

    Banner of the Gallowshrine Faithful

  4. Robbin da Hood

    Robbin da Hood

    Starter roster pic
  5. Brethren of the Muridae-1

    Brethren of the Muridae-1

    Brethren of the Muridae-1
  6. The Daily Starch page 2 phase1.jpg

    The Daily Starch page 2 phase1.jpg

    Page 2 of the Daily Starch Free Rat care course, horror of the underhive warning, beauty tips from the Escher.
  7. Cherub Servitor Theodus

    Cherub Servitor Theodus

  8. Sister Maiken

    Sister Maiken

    Cawdor House Agent or Redemptionist Priest with Eviscerator
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    Cawdor gang
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  13. Pistolero.jpg


    Deacon with two reclaimed autopistols
  14. Brother Hannak

    Brother Hannak

    Painted by Rich Goss
  15. Brother Kolt

    Brother Kolt

    Painted by Rich Goss
  16. Stormcast Redemptionist (Back)

    Stormcast Redemptionist (Back)

    I gave him a bolt pistol. I think I did it surprisingly well considering my lack of skill or recourses.
  17. Stormcast Redemptionist

    Stormcast Redemptionist

    Note the skull with sunburst waterslide transfer. It's from an old Sisters of Battle sheet I inherited.
  18. Redemptionist


  19. Redemptor Priest & Cherub

    Redemptor Priest & Cherub

    Redemptor Priest, Mutter Oberin Patrizia Eldritch, is a failed aspirant of the Adepta Sororitas convent based on Necromunda. Fleeing the convent in disgrace, stealing a chainsword in the process, she recited the vow of penitence as she fled, hoping to die slaying the scum of the Underhive.
  20. Redemptor Priest & Cherub rear

    Redemptor Priest & Cherub rear