1. Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd critically wounds Gunther Lunch.
  2. Redemptionist pinned

    Redemptionist pinned

    Redemptionist pinned by a grenade.
  3. The Judges

    The Judges

    Judges are charging
  4. Krak Grenade Trap

    Krak Grenade Trap

    Cyber-mastif stumbles on the 'stairs'.
  5. Atomic Cafe

    Atomic Cafe

    Scavvie in the cafe. Redemptionist hiding in the back.
  6. Winning the shootout

    Winning the shootout

    Redemptionist has the higher initiative and manages to pin guys winning the shootout
  7. Redemptionist Conversion

    Redemptionist Conversion

    Mini conversion to a 'boltgun'
  8. Redemptionist Conversion

    Redemptionist Conversion

    Mini conversion to a 'boltgun'
  9. Tribe Meet 2019 - Redemptionist Gang

    Tribe Meet 2019 - Redemptionist Gang

    Ready to purge the unbeliever!
  10. Loriel

    N17 Gangs of the Babel 2

    Here is rules for outlander gangs used in Spire of Babel campaign. Rules are converted from OCE rules for latest N18 ruleset. For the most part they are usable in any Dominon campaign but some of the rules are designed especially for Spire of Babel campaign.
  11. AxeSlash

    Redemptionist Weapons in N17

    The Eviscerator and Exterminator currently have no rules, but I'm buggered if I'm waiting for GW to bring out some proper Redemptionist rules, so for the meantime I'll playing them as Cawdor... For Exterminators, I'm thinking the same stats as a Flamer, but with the Single Shot trait...
  12. ImOutside

    NCE Spyrers and the Redeem Rule.

    My group were doing some theory crafting and we ran into a clash between the Redemptionist's Redeem rule for captured fighters and the Spyrer's Captured rule; specifically which rule takes precedent? Personally I prefer the rule of fun and would let the Redemptor give it a shot but I wanted to...
  13. Space Truckin

    Necromunda Future Gang Release Rumours

    So rumour mill over at battle bunnies is saying it will be van saars, cawdor and then delaque at the end of the year.
  14. M

    Simple Legacy Gangs + Outlanders, Proxies and Alternative Models Sheet

    So we are kicking off a new campaign at my home just outside of Washington DC and I'll be most likely running it. I'll be wanting to use as many of the other gangs as possible (Beyond what's included with the legacy gangs sheet), and like most people I can't be bothered waiting for GW to come...
  15. Yeoman

    Necromunda Redemptionists kitbask

    Hello hive citizens!, How are people kitbashing Redemtionists these days? I was thinking on using either Bretonnian men-at-arms bodies and Empire flagellants mixed with Frostgrave cultists heads and obviously 40K weapons, any suggestions or examples of what you guys have done? Cheers!
  16. Ptrix

    Redemptionist Thread

    I'm looking for some fluff on the Redenptionists, does anyone know where I can find it online, or elsewhere?
  17. Hanson666

    Redemptionist Rules

    Hi Yaktribe Would anyone be able to tell me which set of rules is better for creating a Redemptionist gang (for LRB games). There's the LRB version by John French (published in Fanatic Magazine/I think) and the other rules created by Anthony Case. Which rule set is the best?
  18. YakTribe

    Necromunda Rites of Passage 1998

    Originally published in Inferno! magazine 4. Later compiled into Status Deadzone, published in 2000. Most recently found in Necromunda Omnibus 1, published in 2011. Currently unavailable, except here. This is the story of an Orlock initiation gone horribly wrong.
  19. enyoss

    Necromunda H: Van Saar, Redemptionists. W: Escher, Dark Vengence

    Hi, I recently discovered a haul of old models which I'd like to trade (not really interested in selling at this point I'm afraid). There's too many haves and wants to put up an exhaustive list, so I'll just outline which gangs I have/need stuff for - if you think there might be something which...
  20. YakTribe

    Necromunda Cardinal Crimson 2006-06-28

    The Story With a billion people literally living on top of each other, religious fanaticism has always had a firm stranglehold on the towering hive city of Necromunda. Foremost amongst these fanatics is Cardinal Crimson and he's setting out on a new crusade to hunt down a newcomer to the hive, a...