1. Nick Klie

    N18 Reputation bonuses?

    Couldn't find if this had been covered, but I had some questions about Reputation bonuses. Let's say I'm starting a new gang. My starting reputation is 1, and I have my Settlement which gives me +1. Is my reputation then 2, or is that starting 1 from my Settlement? Now, let's say I neither won...
  2. Z

    Suggestion Dominion Territory Reputation

    Since most, if not all of the Dominion Campaign territories grant the owning gang Reputation as long as they control them, would it be possible to link the territories a gang controls in the campaign Manager to automatically update the territory rep into the gang rep? Since there is already a...
  3. F

    Ambush Mission clarification

    Confused about the post battle Ambush Reputation section. Page 59 Gangwar says (campaign) " Reputation: If more attackers escaped than went out of action, the defenders gain 2 rep. If more attackers went out of action than escaped, the attackers gain 1 rep. " I mean this is just all wrong...