1. Morsla

    Necromunda House Cawdor Ridgerunner vehicle

    Hi! New to these forums (and pretty new to the current edition), but I'm having a lot of fun building Ash Wastes vehicles and mounts for all the gangs on my desk at the moment... I thought I'd share some current work in progress, as I build a Ridgerunner to give my Cawdor gang a bit more speed...
  2. Cawdor Ridgerunner 03.png

    Cawdor Ridgerunner 03.png

    More candles added, and some additional weathering.
  3. Cawdor Ridgerunner 02.png

    Cawdor Ridgerunner 02.png

    Front view, early WIP of a Cawdor Ridgerunner - adding a gibbet and some candles to the front of the vehicle.
  4. Cawdor Ridgerunner 01.png

    Cawdor Ridgerunner 01.png

    Cawdor Ridgerunner - rear view of modified transport bed
  5. Squats_ - 10.jpeg

    Squats_ - 10.jpeg

  6. Ridgerunner Conversion

    Ridgerunner Conversion

    Originally intended for a teched-up Taurus Venator conversion for a wacky Imperial Guard army built around high tech gear and mechanized Island hopping, this Ridgerunner will likely instead find a home among my Van Saar gang as a custom medium vehicle.