1. It's behind me, isn't it?

    It's behind me, isn't it?

    Finished creation for Yakcomp 35
  2. Robot WIP #2

    Robot WIP #2

    Painting begins
  3. Robot WIP

    Robot WIP

  4. Yakcomp #35 pile o' bits

    Yakcomp #35 pile o' bits

  5. Yakcomp #35 mock up

    Yakcomp #35 mock up

  6. djmothra

    Yak Comp 24 "Give me fuel, give me fire"

    "Give me that which I desire!" @Blochunx came up with a few great ideas - one of which we will def keep for a future comp! But this comp is all about making something that is obviously "Fuel Powered". Easy examples would be some kind of vehicle, but this can also extend to scenery / buildings...