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    Ajax Ironside
  2. Biggle_Bear

    RPG beginner gm advice

    My lady has been watching big bang theory and told me that D&D looks interesting. She offered for me to run an RPG session, but it hit me out of nowhere. I hadn't invested in any rulebooks as I didn't think I'd ever get a group together. So to improvise a game, and particularly one I think...
  3. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle Bear and captain Dangerous' RPG antics

    Thanks again @CaptainDangerous for agreeing to playtest my game. So the Yaktribe RPG is a play by post RPG that encourages light hearted crazy encounters across the multiverse. Players take charge of a Yakling, a servant of the Great Yak who is bestowed immortality for their services. The game...
  4. Biggle_Bear

    Play testing for yaktribe RPG

    I'm trying to make a RPG based on/for the Yaktribe community. This thread is to make small playtests. https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/yaktribe-the-roleplaying-game.8318/
  5. Biggle_Bear

    Yaktribe - the Roleplaying game

    Hey guys, I've been musing over an idea. I would like to try and make an rpg that is themed after the yaktribe. There are probably many interpretations of necromunda as an rpg and I'm not interested in throwing my hat into that mix. I want to design something that plays to the strengths of the...
  6. Space Truckin

    Suggestions on introducing new players?

    Hello everyone. First time caller, long time listener etc. I didn't see an introduction thread on the forum so I hope you don't mind me snooping around here asking questions. Anyone have any tips, suggestions or advice on introducing new players ( not 40k people ) to Inquisimunda? Trying to...
  7. tomcat912

    Nailing down some Necromunda RPG rules

    I was browsing through some of the topics on this forum about playing the underhive as an RPG. Most pointed to the usual suspects ie. Dark Heresy and friends, GURPS, Savage worlds etc. I was thinking if anyone else was interested in getting a document with some feasible rules so people have a...