1. E

    N18 Starting a Newbie Campaign with 2019 Comprehensive Rulebook PDF, need some guidance

    By golly gosh, fellow hivescum, might I say what a gloriously disugsting day it is down here in the sump! So I got hard into Necro 18 when it first released and ran a few campaigns with a core group over 2018-20 - but then pandemic, had to move, yada yada, so am now starting a new campaign in...
  2. smelly butt face

    N18 Current Orlock Credit Costs?

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to Necromunda and I was wondering if there is a place that has all the current up-to-date credit costs for things. The reason I am asking is because I am trying to build a starting roster for my Orlock gang and I noticed that the Hive War Rulebook seems to have different...
  3. Petitioner's City

    N17 N/A 1.0

    Please delete!
  4. JawRippa

    N18 Underhive Ruleset - when "Beta" is better than the final product?

    I was looking through my starter box ruleset and comparing it to N18 core rulebook wondering if I had a fever dream in which I was reading that you could pass through fighters in Underhive ruleset, or if it was actually true. Shockingly, Underhive ruleset is a lot more solid that what we have...
  5. S

    N18 Two Leaders

    So, we can not find an answer to this an the rules, any book, or the most up-to-date errata and FAQ, but is there any rule against resurrecting a dead leader AFTER you've promoted/bought a new leader? If you CAN resurrect the dead leader as a leader, what then happens? Does the resurrected...
  6. L

    N18 our house rules

    our group has now sunk about 100 hours of game time into this game and these are the house rules we have done so far to attempt to fix the broken system that is necromunda underhive. we are making this post so that our experience might help new people enjoy the game even though gamesworkshop...
  7. U

    N18 Is the eBook (forgeworld) the same as N18 Rulebook?

    I was looking for the best price for the N18 Rulebook and came across the Forgeworld eBook version which says its a compilation of all the original N17 books and supplements, as well as the FAQ / Errata. It would have been a great deal if it included all the GW books and the original rulebook...
  8. RinseWashRepeat

    Necromunda Give Away - Rulebooks (damaged)

    Hey there! I was recently clearing out the loft and came across these old rulebooks. I can't bear to throw them away so was hoping to find someone on these here forums to take them off my hands. Would just ask for a couple of quid to cover postage. That's all. Any questions, drop me a message...
  9. Stubram

    Is it worth buying the SW Rule book?

    Hi all. Have been looking to get back into Necromunda and give Inquisimunda an outing and have the community edition rules, but wondered if it's worth getting the rule book for SW Armageddon? I've heard that the gameplay is identical, and it's just the campaign which is simplified?
  10. spike

    Repairing a rulebook?

    I'm referring to physical repairs here. If pages have fallen out of an old Necromunda paperback rulebook, is there anyway to repair it? Each pages is individually glued into the binding, so if it falls out, I cannot for the life of me think of a way to fix the book. But I figured maybe some...
  11. YakTribe

    Mordheim Rulebook - Campaigns 1.0

    Warbands travel to the City of the Damned from all over the Old World. They come from many races and for many reasons but ultimately they must all face the dangers of the dim alleys and twisting, winding streets of Mordheim. Although it is great fun to fight individual battles, part of the...
  12. YakTribe

    Mordheim Rulebook - Warbands 1.0

    Before you begin to play you must recruit a warband to take part in the battle for Mordheim. The warbands are represented by a whole range of Citadel models available as boxed sets and blister packs. The boxed sets are designed to form an ideal starting point for your collection and further...