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  1. 3

    N18 Friendly model

    Does a model count as a friendly model to itself? I always understood that you would but I have been told otherwise and am looking for clarification.
  2. O

    N18 Frenzon and Charging

    Hiya Gangers! Can a fighter with a Frenzon Collar charge around corners/without LoS? The rules for Frenzon include this line: "...Unless the fighter is Engaged or Seriously Injured, the fighter must use at least one of their actions to move toward the nearest enemy fighter or perform a Charge...
  3. Tensounder54

    N18 Heavy Carapace Armour and how that effects Ash Waste Nomads Arthromite Duneskuttlers

    In the Book of the Outlands, Ash Waste Nomads Arthromite Duneskuttlers come with Heavy Carapace Armour by default. The RAW states that: I see two versions of the RAI here. Please help me decide which interpretation is correct. 1) "Wearing the armour permenatnly reduces the fighters inititive...
  4. I

    N18 CGC weapons still in the trading post?

    with the new core rule book now out a discussion has arisen in our group about CGC weapons in the trading post. One side of the coin (not my opinion) is the new book is a consolidation with all the trading post items already in it. the other side of the debate. the new core rules don't ignore...
  5. H

    N18 Corpse Grinder Cult rules Inquiry

    Hey, I'm a relatively new player when it comes to necromunda. I noticed on my new Corpse Grinder Cult's gang card a section called "meat" what does this mean? Is there a starvation mechanic in the game? I have checked the book of ruin but couldn't find anything.
  6. D

    N18 Combat question

    Hello all So quick question about combat, when reaction attacks are made, if it reduces the models wounds to zero and a injury dice is rolled resulting in a serious injury roll do you still get the free coup de grace? or is that only for a model that has charged?
  7. J

    N18 Balance Discussion

    Greetings. My group is looking at starting an Ash Wastes campaign. I've also got some 3d Printed Jump Boosters/Jetpack, from Reptilian Overlords. I was thinking of making them a 65 credit Rare item in the Trading post, and just copying the rules from Orlock Wreckers, with the stipulation that...
  8. P

    N18 Webs and fire

    Hi all, so we are in a campaign and I am playing Delaque (I know, don't hate me). Obviously I have a range of web weapons, it's what the Delaque do best but I have just aquired the Archeotech device and wondered what the synergy is between Blaze and Webbed? How do/would you play the...
  9. Rigormortis

    N18 Blaze Question

    I'm sure I read somewhere that inorganic targets can't be set on fire. I can't remember where, and it doesn't say in the blaze rules. This has popped up regarding an ambot, being inorganic. Did I dream this, or does it actually say somewhere?
  10. D

    N18 Charging Mechanics

    Hi all, New to Necromunda but have now played a lot of games. We're still struggling to understand the charge mechanics. It says under "movement" (page 61) that models must take the shortest possible route. We're not sure if this is designed to prevent charging multiple enemies and/or prevent...
  11. L

    N18 Underdog Hired Guns and Bottle Checks

    So, in the campaign I am currently playing, I recently had a game where from the starting crews, my gang had a 325 credit disadvantage and so I bought a random Underdog Tactics card and 120 credits of Hive Scum across 2 models. The question is- Would these Hive Scum have counted toward my...