1. E

    N18 Starting a Newbie Campaign with 2019 Comprehensive Rulebook PDF, need some guidance

    By golly gosh, fellow hivescum, might I say what a gloriously disugsting day it is down here in the sump! So I got hard into Necro 18 when it first released and ran a few campaigns with a core group over 2018-20 - but then pandemic, had to move, yada yada, so am now starting a new campaign in...
  2. B

    Question Missing aliances

    Hello tribe, Fairly new to Necromunda, but I wonder why I cant add all of the noble houses for allies in the gang roster. In this moment I can only choose between house Greim and house Ulanti. Thank you
  3. V

    N18 Corpse Grinder Butcher Mask

    Just wondering if I have been playing these masks wrong. So as a base, juves, ganger and champions in the gang gets +1 amour save. 6+ save vs head and eye injuries. Does the Leader not get this? The leader only gets a 6+ inv and terrifying? They lose the +1 amour save and the head and eye...
  4. F

    N18 Leadership, Willpower and Intelligence flavoring

    Hi all, This is my first post here. Have been using Yaktribe Necromunda tools for couple of years to run campaigns with my friends. Recently as I'm getting more proficient with the aspects of my beloved game I started to notice some overuse of Cool test and lack of Leadership, Willpower and...
  5. smelly butt face

    N18 Current Orlock Credit Costs?

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to Necromunda and I was wondering if there is a place that has all the current up-to-date credit costs for things. The reason I am asking is because I am trying to build a starting roster for my Orlock gang and I noticed that the Hive War Rulebook seems to have different...
  6. K

    Damage question

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to playing Necromunda and have a question for everyone. When do you roll the damage dice? Do you roll for each wound suffered or only after the last one is lost? The rules in the book seem rather vague to me. Thanks
  7. D

    N18 I Created an AI for playing Necromunda/Skirmish Games Solo. The Abominable Intelligence! CC Needed.

    Hello scummers! Skirmish games are fun, but COVID and general laziness are powerful opponents. I've played board/skirmish games before that include some type of solo mode used with behavior tables. This is an attempt to create this kind of solo gameplay experience for Necromunda, as a full-on...
  8. P

    N18 Ogryns the biggest coward in the necromunda?

    Are Ogryns the biggest coward in the necromunda? How do the biggest bastards in Hive who fight so fiercely for their freedom have a willpower like Escher Juve or much worse than Juve Cawdor? Imagine the worst possible combination in Necromunda - Ogryns vs CG (terrifying, fearsome). How is it...
  9. Wasteland

    N18 Battle Bible for Necromunda (2018)

    Hello guys, I read a couple of weeks ago on DAKKA DAKKA that some folks on yaktribe are so disgusted with the way GW screwed up the new Necromunda books that there is now an initiative to rewrite the whole rules by the community. By rewriting I mean the way 9th Age handled the rules...
  10. I

    INQ18 Inquisimunda -19-

    Hello everyone. I’ve been working on a new version of Inquisimunda for Necromunda 2017 since 2019. Here is the Book of Innocent -I- Yeah sorry about that, for the moment it’s in French. Translation is still in...
  11. L

    N18 Underdog Hired Guns and Bottle Checks

    So, in the campaign I am currently playing, I recently had a game where from the starting crews, my gang had a 325 credit disadvantage and so I bought a random Underdog Tactics card and 120 credits of Hive Scum across 2 models. The question is- Would these Hive Scum have counted toward my...
  12. Vandal

    N17 Book of Life 1.01

    70 plus pages of rules art and fluff about the flora and fauna of the hive, reviving old favourites and law friendly new ones
  13. A

    N18 isotropic fuel rods

    Can i use isotropic fuel rods to nuke other players territories into settlements?
  14. S

    N18 Two Leaders

    So, we can not find an answer to this an the rules, any book, or the most up-to-date errata and FAQ, but is there any rule against resurrecting a dead leader AFTER you've promoted/bought a new leader? If you CAN resurrect the dead leader as a leader, what then happens? Does the resurrected...
  15. F

    N18 Cawdor's Bomb Delivery Rats, unlimited suply?

    Hi, I have a question regarding Cawdor's Bomb Delivery Rats. If I spend the 30 credits to get Bomb Delivery Rats on one of my characters, am I able to use them as much as I want until I run out of grenades, or do I only get 1 use of them per 30 credits spent? Thanks in advance!
  16. Jacob Dryearth

    N17 Cult Initiates 1.0

    I was not a fan of the cult gangs receiving gangers instead of Juves from Settlements, so I made some Initiates for them. Chaos Cults now may hire Helot Cultist Scamps: you know how kids were used in the industrial revolution to crawl into machinery and retrieve of fix things? These are those...
  17. B

    N18 Can Ambot be set on fire?

    Hi. Got question like in the post thread. Translating to rules mechanics: do Ambot get Blaze marker when got shot by Blaze weapons (like Flamers) and if does, is it rules of putting down fire apply to him. Couldn't find clarification in books, forum or Forum Rule Book. In the latest there is...
  18. I

    N18 New FAQ and errata

    Afternoon gents, first post so please delete if in wrong area or not following guidelines but I've just seen that GW has released a new FAQ and errata for necromunda, I did check if anyone else had posted about it but couldn't see any. I'm at work so haven't had a full look yet but what I did...
  19. thanejaw

    N18 Venators in Uprising Campaign - House Weapons List is the Trading Post - Unbalanced?

    hey there - I'm planning the next campaign at the club and trying to pre-empt gaminess - we'll be doing a Dark Uprising campaign which is grand. My one concern is that a few people want to play Venators - which is fine - however their HWL is the Trading post - which no one else gets access to...
  20. T

    N18 Necrodamus/Bookromunda (rules compilations)

    TOPIC: Improved house ruled Necromunda. The Necro-vox page used to link to Necrodamus, but it unfortunately got shut down, so now I don't have a way to share the link, other than PM'ing me directly. If you want to check out Necrodamus, PM me! NECRODAMUS The original project started in...