1. Jacob Dryearth

    N17 Cult Initiates 1.0

    I was not a fan of the cult gangs receiving gangers instead of Juves from Settlements, so I made some Initiates for them. Chaos Cults now may hire Helot Cultist Scamps: you know how kids were used in the industrial revolution to crawl into machinery and retrieve of fix things? These are those...
  2. B

    N18 Can Ambot be set on fire?

    Hi. Got question like in the post thread. Translating to rules mechanics: do Ambot get Blaze marker when got shot by Blaze weapons (like Flamers) and if does, is it rules of putting down fire apply to him. Couldn't find clarification in books, forum or Forum Rule Book. In the latest there is...
  3. I

    N18 New FAQ and errata

    Afternoon gents, first post so please delete if in wrong area or not following guidelines but I've just seen that GW has released a new FAQ and errata for necromunda, I did check if anyone else had posted about it but couldn't see any. I'm at work so haven't had a full look yet but what I did...
  4. thanejaw

    N18 Venators in Uprising Campaign - House Weapons List is the Trading Post - Unbalanced?

    hey there - I'm planning the next campaign at the club and trying to pre-empt gaminess - we'll be doing a Dark Uprising campaign which is grand. My one concern is that a few people want to play Venators - which is fine - however their HWL is the Trading post - which no one else gets access to...
  5. T

    N18 Quick reference complete house rules document with increased playability

    TOPIC: N17/N18/N19 (and any future versions) Hello, I have made a sort of document for quick referencing the rules, collecting all sorts of weird and rare rules easily forgotten or difficult to look up in multiple books.This thread can be used for communication back and forth, sharing updates...
  6. J

    Common sense.

    Some times I try to apply common sense to the rules of this game only to be met with opposition. I think the rules regarding the swapping of equipment are dumb and don’t make sense. If you are a ganger in recovery or still battle ready why can you not swap equipment between fights. The reason...
  7. Kairae

    N18 True Grit and Injury rolls without Damage

    True Grit says: "Against attacks with Damage 1, roll two dice – the player controlling the fighter with True Grit, can then choose one dice to discard before the effects of the other are resolved." How does this work against attacks without Damage (Toxin and Gas) or Injury rolls caused by...
  8. el_guestos

    N18 Vehicle Rules

    Hi guys, I'm arbitrating an upcoming campaign and we want to try out some vehicles so I've written the following rules: But would love it if some of the brains of the Yak could have a look and...
  9. G

    N18 Rules for Brutes

    Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out a straight answer to this, the "Gangs of the Underhive" book isn't quite clear. When founding a gang, so long as you follow all the other rules, are you able/allowed to have a brute from the beginning? Sorry if it's a stupid question.
  10. L

    N18 our house rules

    our group has now sunk about 100 hours of game time into this game and these are the house rules we have done so far to attempt to fix the broken system that is necromunda underhive. we are making this post so that our experience might help new people enjoy the game even though gamesworkshop...
  11. S

    N18 Are Dum Dum rounds an additional profile?

    If you take Dum Dum rounds for a sub gun, do you choose which you are firing (like a shotgun) or do they replace the normal subs gun ammo? Also, can you take Dum Dum rounds for the combi plasma/stub? Snoop
  12. Loriel

    N18 ARCHAEOTECH DEVICE weapon trait combination maddness

    So I got archeotech device last night while playing our LANTA SECTOR I-7 campaign and it got me thinking what kind of combination or odd rules it could spring up. So basicly it allows choosing Blaze, Rad-phage, Seismic, or Shock and give it to any number of weapons I list different question...
  13. R

    N18 Pitfall crater token mechanics?

    Couldn't find any decent official rule regarding how to handle pitfall crater tokens. Does it affect only 1 miniature (the one in the very center) or the initiative checks to not fall into oblivion is made by every mini which base is overlapping the token ?
  14. Thorgor

    N18 New post-compendium official FAQ

    There is a new FAQ in town lads, it was quick! And it even has designer's notes! (original WHC article) Confirms that: they intentionally removed the Brute Cleaver accuracy bonus the Blunderbuss profiles should have the Template trait Fearsome is only checked if the charging fighter roll...
  15. P

    Quoting rules

    I just had a thought regarding discussion of rules and copyrighted content on this forum. - At what point do you guys think one might get into trouble for quoting or copying content from either of the rulebooks? Posting and sharing a scanned version of an entire book seems like an obvious...
  16. Draconic

    NCE NCE/OCE Rules help please

    Hi fellow Yakkers! I would love to draw on your vast experience with the NCE/OCE ruleset for questions my playgroup has asked. Im aware some of these questions may have been asked deep in threads but my searches haven't helped so far. So if your able to weigh in, share house rules, or point me...
  17. M

    Venators rules questions

    So i'm new and a little confused. Do Venators have a juve equivalent or just the gangers(hunters)? If i'm reading correctly then hunters advance every 6xp until a 2 or 12 is rolled just like gangers, in which they become specialists. So essencially the "quick learner" rule that eliminates the...
  18. AxeSlash

    Underhive vs Gang War costs

    So as we all now know there are inconsistencies between the costs for gangers and weapons all over the place. I seem to remember reading something somewhere that seemed to imply that the official line from GW was that there are two different cost systems - one for Underhive battles, and one for...
  19. YellowSkin

    Adding / Removing wargear during campaign

    Our campaign group is currently having a discussion about the adding / removing of weapons for gangers and juves. The way we read the rules is that you are not allowed to remove any wargear (incl. weapons, grenades etc) but are free to add wargear (as long as you adhere to the wargear...
  20. Jacob Dryearth

    Infamy and Outlaws, new rules It occurs to me that I never posted in these forums to draw attention to the N17 outlaw rules, which I converted from classic Necromunda. I'm not sure how many people actively search for new resources in the Vault, so here is the...