1. Jaws

    Spyrers / Tyranids.

    I have been playing Necromunda with some new guys lately. And one of them really, really wants to use his Tyranids in the game. I don't mind much about fluff and such, but he needs some rules to use. First thing that popped into my mind was just converting the Shadow War rules. But a quick...
  2. Ptrix

    Charging the nearest model?

    After getting back into Necromunda after a 15 year hiatus with my mates @The Duke and @Llewy, a situation arose in my last game. I wanted to charge his heavy across a walkway, but in between them was one of @Llewy 's gangers. Reading the NCE, there isn't a stipulation saying you must charge the...
  3. The Duke

    Infra Red Sight in Necromunda

    Right. So this is about something I've seen touched-upon in other threads, and something that came up the other day whilst me & my mate @Llewy were playing through the second game in the "only 24 hours to Save the underhive" mini-campaign - high stakes are up for the third and final game with...
  4. Loriel

    Rules question: Henchmen group experience and rating

    Hello! I just realized one thing that how do you people calculate henchmen groups affect to rating. Lets assume I have a two henchmen in same group that has total 10 experience. 2 members x 5 as per warriors number and is it + 10 experience or 2 x 10 experience? So will the total rating for...
  5. Loriel

    Rule question: lads got talent

    Hi, when lads got talent is rolled do you include the new hero to exploration and trading rolls that turn? additionally is the special skill list available to him? for example norse skill list or orc list etc?
  6. Loriel

    Rule question: Norse Explorers - wolf pack question

    Hello I am about to start the mordheim with Norse explorers ( and i have a question about the game mechanics. I get it that you need to have Ulfwerenar in order to control the wolf pack. Lets assume Ulfwerenar dies: Does wolf pack...
  7. Hanson666

    Redemptionist Rules

    Hi Yaktribe Would anyone be able to tell me which set of rules is better for creating a Redemptionist gang (for LRB games). There's the LRB version by John French (published in Fanatic Magazine/I think) and the other rules created by Anthony Case. Which rule set is the best?
  8. T

    NCE Tunnels of Love 1.0

    A set of rules and scenarios for those with limited access to "normal" scenery but with good access to Space Hulk board tiles. The scenarios are harsh, but the rewards are great - dare you enter the tunnels of love?
  9. A

    Spyrers As A Normal Gang

    Hallo! I'm planning a Necromunda campaign with some altered circumstances; leading to Spyrers being trapped in the underhive and having to work more like a normal gang. I bashed together some rules for this, but while I have a lot of experience writing game rules in general, I'm fairly new to...
  10. trollmeat

    Scavvies: trollmeat's unbalanced and untested incoherent thoughts...

    In various threads I have been randomly posting parts of ideas for how I might go about modifying Scavvies, figured it was about time I started throwing them together and see what happens. Just mucking about... Nothing is set in stone or even tested - no idea about balance or anything, but I am...
  11. andrewgpaul

    rules question - servitors and tech-adepts

    A couple of things I've house-ruled, but I wonder that the actual rule should be: 1) p22. The Combat Servitor has a cost of "Base +30 TG". However, it has a fixed stat line, so there's no "Base" to choose. We just assumed it cost a flat 30 TG. 2) p24, p44, p48. The Grapplehound and Shock Maul...
  12. codysaville

    Ash Waste Nomad - Rules Update

    With all the excellent updates in NCE and OCE I finally want to give my Ash Waste Nomad minis some love with updated, community-enhanced, rules! First thing's first: What are the proposed changes that need to be made? Income? Weapon Lists? Costs? Balancing issues? Let's hear your opinion...
  13. SirFrog

    Rerolls and order

    So, after reading this thread on hand-to-hand fighting, I went back and re-read the rules concerning re-rolls, and concluded that they do indeed state that you can only re-roll any given dice once. There's been at least one thread on the issue previously, but I'm seriously miffed about re-rolls...
  14. ArbitorIan

    LRB Necromunda Compilation II 2015-11-07

    This is a compilation of all the currently available LRB and Underhive era articles into one handy PDF, with lovely formatting so that it looks like a real Necromunda book.with lovely formatting so that it looks like a real Necromunda book. Compiled by ArbitorIan
  15. A

    ORB Necromunda Compilation I 2015-11-02

    This is a compilation of all the ORB and boxed-set era Journal, Gang War and early Necromunda Magazine rules, with lovely formatting so that it looks like a real Necromunda book. Compiled by ArbitorIan
  16. Mamutera

    Help on house rules to streamline play

    Hi, I´m planning to introduce my gaming group to necromunda and I would appreciate some tips on how to rule some situations. My group is really bloodbowl-minded, which means that all rules are easy to apply, and in knowing my friends I´m sure there's gonna be some problems with coverage...
  17. Fold

    NCE Squat Mining Gangs In Necromunda 1.0

    Based loosely on the original "Hi Ho Squat Mining Gangs" article from Games Workshop, but with the worst excesses of that ruleset toned down. The Squat Mining Gang is a relatively elite gang (basic gangers cost 60 creds) and a slow moving but implacable foe; every model has M3, but with Nerves...
  18. Ambience327

    LRB For the Father! 1.4

    Rules for fielding a Genestealer Cult in Necromunda, including rules for Purestrain Genestealers that are able to advance and grow like other gangers! Previous discussion for this Gang can be found right here...
  19. stealthvulture

    NCE Mechanicus Explorators Gang v.1.8.1

    With the arrival of the new Skitari and Cult Mechanicus models, its prime time the cog boys get some rules on paper! Inside you'll find rules for playing Mechanicus Explorators, a team of knowledge-hungry technophiles on the hunt for rare and highly coveted Archeotech. Led by a minor priest of...
  20. Kon-rad

    NCE Quick and Dirty Rules for Xenos Gangs v3 v3

    Edited from v2. I changed a few points costs, and generally tidied up the layout and writing for clarity. The Eldar jokes are still there.