1. E

    N18 Starting a Newbie Campaign with 2019 Comprehensive Rulebook PDF, need some guidance

    By golly gosh, fellow hivescum, might I say what a gloriously disugsting day it is down here in the sump! So I got hard into Necro 18 when it first released and ran a few campaigns with a core group over 2018-20 - but then pandemic, had to move, yada yada, so am now starting a new campaign in...
  2. A

    Necromunda 9.03 ruleset

    Hey all, Firstly a huge thank you for the amazing resource that is 7.03. It has been an awesome tool for learning the game and playing with my mates in the local shop community. I heard rumours of the 9.03 version. Is this true, and if so where can one get a copy?
  3. T

    N18 Necrodamus/Bookromunda (rules compilations)

    TOPIC: Improved house ruled Necromunda. The Necro-vox page used to link to Necrodamus, but it unfortunately got shut down, so now I don't have a way to share the link, other than PM'ing me directly. If you want to check out Necrodamus, PM me! NECRODAMUS The original project started in...
  4. L

    N18 our house rules

    our group has now sunk about 100 hours of game time into this game and these are the house rules we have done so far to attempt to fix the broken system that is necromunda underhive. we are making this post so that our experience might help new people enjoy the game even though gamesworkshop...
  5. P

    Draft for new Genestealer Cult rules

    Hey Guys, I've been tinkering away at and pondering over a new set of rules for the Genestealer Cult for N17. For the most part it stays similar to the original rules from the white dwarf magazine, but I've changed some key details and added a few new ideas and mechanics of my own. Here's a...
  6. Hanson666

    Redemptionist Rules

    Hi Yaktribe Would anyone be able to tell me which set of rules is better for creating a Redemptionist gang (for LRB games). There's the LRB version by John French (published in Fanatic Magazine/I think) and the other rules created by Anthony Case. Which rule set is the best?
  7. S

    Necromunda Campaign Ruleset

    Is there any consideration for selecting a ruleset when creating a new campaign? I noticed that the gang generator doesn't use the community rules. i.e. Missile launcher cost 185 instead of 140. P.S. This site is pretty sweet.
  8. Malo

    Default Ruleset change?

    What do you think about changing the default Ruleset to NCE? The main reason I've always had LRB as the default is due to that ruleset being the most common, the default people started with usually, hopefully moving onto NCE sooner than later. If we were to do this, the minimum I'd like to add...
  9. YakTribe

    Mordheim Rulebook - Warbands 1.0

    Before you begin to play you must recruit a warband to take part in the battle for Mordheim. The warbands are represented by a whole range of Citadel models available as boxed sets and blister packs. The boxed sets are designed to form an ideal starting point for your collection and further...