savant skills

  1. G

    Bug Two Bugs (Subjugator Shotgun & Road Sergeant Skill)

    Just a couple of bugs/Errors I've found and wanted to make a record of. The Orlock gang leader has Savant as a secondary skill in Yaktribe, where House of Iron has it marked up as Primary. Secondly the Subjugator ranks can buy Enforcer Boltguns/Shotguns.
  2. Baffo

    'Maxed Credit Farming' Gang for Campaign play

    Greetings! This is my first thread on these forums, so I am not sure if this idea cropped up in the past... Making a gang for long campaigns focused on maxing out Credit 'production' using the Savant skill set. Back in the Old Necromunda game I remember Van Saars being the most OP gang...