1. Currently active projects

    Currently active projects

    All the wip together now...
  2. More scavvies of the McGee family (extended)

    More scavvies of the McGee family (extended)

    Two-gun, Ruddy, Tiny, Humpback and Peepers McGee
  3. MedMos

    NCE Forearm spines and tentacle mutation in cc?

    I tried to do a search, but couldn't find any answers. How do these work in close combat? Forearm spines gives a 6+ save and a parry, but do you still need a weapon in that hand to fight efficiently, or does the spines count as a weapon? Same for tentacle, it says you can grapple to reduce your...
  4. Scavvies of the McGee's

    Scavvies of the McGee's

    Flaps, Legs, Big Nose, Pinchy and Guardy McGee
  5. Gantry Fight

    Gantry Fight

    Scavvie engages a Judge.
  6. Atomic Cafe

    Atomic Cafe

    Scavvie in the cafe. Redemptionist hiding in the back.
  7. Gangers Meeting

    Gangers Meeting

    The gangers all appear in the burnt-out room.
  8. Winning the shootout

    Winning the shootout

    Redemptionist has the higher initiative and manages to pin guys winning the shootout
  9. Quick Draw

    Quick Draw

    The Redemptioonist lose their nerve and draw first.
  10. Standoff


    The initial standoff. Whos going to the lose the buildup!
  11. Group pic from things finished in August

    Group pic from things finished in August

  12. SKAVIES - the whole gang - WIP

    SKAVIES - the whole gang - WIP

    Just found an earlier pic from 2017 before any painting. 5 now finished and 10 more underway. More babbling and pics about them here:


    My sweet Space Rats/Scavvies/Skave/Ratskin Renegades! Got a group of 30 already converted and basecoated, and this is the first group of 5 i got.
  14. WIP of big buildings and some newly painted space rats

    WIP of big buildings and some newly painted space rats

  15. Ratskin Scavvy Technomutants

    Ratskin Scavvy Technomutants

    So i've got a batch of 30 completely kitbashed and converted Ratskin Scavvy Technomutants. Only white undercoat and dull grey wash on them at this point. Made these in 2017, yet to be finished...
  16. Loriel

    N17 Gangs of the Babel 2

    Here is rules for outlander gangs used in Spire of Babel campaign. Rules are converted from OCE rules for latest N18 ruleset. For the most part they are usable in any Dominon campaign but some of the rules are designed especially for Spire of Babel campaign.
  17. trollmeat

    trollmeat’s yak25 “soup”

    Yaktribe competition 25 is basically Scenery for Scenarios, and it looks like I will be going for a Soup Cauldron for my Scavvies when defending Rescue Mission. Collected bits & blu-tac. This is what I have gathered so far for my entry. Right now it is still all blu-tac and intentions. Had...
  18. Graushwein

    NCE Scavvies Gang: Sneaky Toxbombers?

    Since N17 doesn't have Scavvies or Spyrers, I'm still playing community edition. Looking at the rules, a few things jumped out at me. Only 2 credits to feed (1.5 cred average profit per guy) No shooting skill for basic units Tox bombs for anyone, that are persistent (one-use per game) #1...
  19. Sump stag handler “the stick”

    Sump stag handler “the stick”

    Yakcomp#23 “here kitty kitty” Comp entry
  20. Sump stag and handlers

    Sump stag and handlers

    Yakcomp#23 “here kitty kitty” Comp entry