1. S

    Necromunda Wanted: Marauder Sacavvies

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy the first 3 of these Confrontation Marauder Scavvies. Happy to pay a good price if anyone is willing to part with one of more of them..
  2. kacpk_k01

    N17 Scavvy Gang Rules for Necromunda 2018 2022-11-13

    As there is no guarantee, that we will ever see them again, I (with the help of Paul Linberg :) ) created Scavvy gang for the Necromunda 2018. I tried to keep them as playable as possible, at the same time staying true to their original form (lore parts are taken from the original materials...
  3. Scavvies.jpg


  4. FE06CD35-AD84-4AA6-97CC-BFEEC9FE95B2.jpeg


  5. MedMos

    MedMos finished gangs/warbands

    As I am on the verge of finishing up multiple gangs this year (fingers crossed!), I got the urge to put them all in one space without all the wip clutter. Finished is of course a relative term, as new members can always be added at a later date. But with the FYSC motivation and hobby time...
  6. McGee family portrait

    McGee family portrait

    With their "food"-cart, ready for a picnic!
  7. McGee family (extended) 3/3

    McGee family (extended) 3/3

    Even more scavvies and mutants
  8. McGee family (extended) 2/3

    McGee family (extended) 2/3

    More scavvies and mutants
  9. McGee family (extended) 1/3

    McGee family (extended) 1/3

    Boss, Scaly and scavvies
  10. FYSC March 2021

    FYSC March 2021

    5 scavvies of the McGee family
  11. FYSC Fall 2020 November

    FYSC Fall 2020 November

    Terrain, Haearn the Cawdor Heavy, Interrogator Sin'Atra with Sliza Minelli and Servo Skull, 10 scavvies of the McGee Family (extended)
  12. julezwr

    N18 Julez's Necromunda kitbash extravaganza

    Finished my Necromunda scavvy/mutant gang. Kitbashed from multiple different unit sprues with a bit of greenstuff and guitar string added! I tried to paint them in the style of the 90’s necromunda/scavvy gangs. Here’s how they turned out!
  13. Cardinal Syn

    N18 Best gang to use as Scavvies?

    Which gang would you use to best represent Scavvies? I’m leaning towards Cawdor at the moment or maybe Venators. I figure Cawdor have the reclaimed weapons etc. which kinda fits the theme. I have checked out some of the homemade rules in the vault but I’m likely to be playing against people who...
  14. Big Papa McGee, Daeva and Pounce

    Big Papa McGee, Daeva and Pounce

    Scavvy boss for Yakcomp and McGee family, barbarian and snow leopard for Frostgrave wip
  15. Currently active projects

    Currently active projects

    All the wip together now...
  16. More scavvies of the McGee family (extended)

    More scavvies of the McGee family (extended)

    Two-gun, Ruddy, Tiny, Humpback and Peepers McGee
  17. MedMos

    NCE Forearm spines and tentacle mutation in cc?

    I tried to do a search, but couldn't find any answers. How do these work in close combat? Forearm spines gives a 6+ save and a parry, but do you still need a weapon in that hand to fight efficiently, or does the spines count as a weapon? Same for tentacle, it says you can grapple to reduce your...
  18. Scavvies of the McGee's

    Scavvies of the McGee's

    Flaps, Legs, Big Nose, Pinchy and Guardy McGee
  19. Gantry Fight

    Gantry Fight

    Scavvie engages a Judge.
  20. Atomic Cafe

    Atomic Cafe

    Scavvie in the cafe. Redemptionist hiding in the back.