1. R

    N18 Underdog Mission and Whisper Brokers

    So we have an upcoming battle in the Data Purge Scenario that says that no tactics cards. Does that mean the effect of the racket Whisper Broker also doesnt work? The player doesnt get +D3 Tactics cards for the mission?
  2. Rigormortis

    N18 Custom Scenario, Outbound Signal

    I had a custom scenario idea that think sounds kinda fun. All constructive criticsms and suggestions for balancing tweaks are welcome. Outbound Signal A gang has come into possession of a sensitive and valuable data package. Sending the data to their House will increase their standing and be...
  3. Petitioner's City

    N17 Ash Wastes Rules 1.0

    Hi all, this supplement allows you to play battles in the Ash Wastes during your campaigns of Necromunda, as a kind of ‘plug in and play’ set of rules that can be used in ongoing or new campaign. These rules owe a lot to Gorkamorka, the original Ash Wastes rules presented in Citadel Jounral...
  4. AxeSlash

    N17 Zone Mortalis Tile Planner 1.01

    This is a Trimble Sketchup file that contains all 36 tile images (ie including the Badzone Delta 7 tiles) arranged into convenient Sketchup components that you can place and rotate really easily. I've also included a couple of groups that show them classified into a) the different wall...
  5. Wasteland

    Juvenile Delinquents vs. Arbites

    I was bored and wondered about about an exciting new supplement for N17 consisting of new models and scenarios. Have fun and here we go: Juvenile Delinquents vs. Arbites The supplement would come with the following figurines: - Two squads of Arbites (Commandant Lassard, Mahoney, Hightower...
  6. F

    Ambush Mission clarification

    Confused about the post battle Ambush Reputation section. Page 59 Gangwar says (campaign) " Reputation: If more attackers escaped than went out of action, the defenders gain 2 rep. If more attackers went out of action than escaped, the attackers gain 1 rep. " I mean this is just all wrong...
  7. T

    Best Scenarios for Underdogs

    So I'm around the middle of the rankings in my current campaign, but the top gangs are really starting to pull ahead after 3 or 4 games. What do you think the best scenarios are to choose when you're outnumbered AND outgunned? And what is the best tactical aim? Is it a leader assassination, or...
  8. D

    Secret objective cards to spice up games

    Recently came across this: and loved the idea. Basically it's nothing more than secret 'secondary' objectives to spice up each game, as the title of this thread says. After asking for permission, I am posting it...
  9. p0dde

    SWA Scenarios

    What is the reactions to the scenarios? The selection is fairly limited, but is it too few? I have also heard that the scenario descriptions are just as poorly written, as what we are used to in Necromunda? What are are the actual scenario selection rules? I have no been able to find them...
  10. Pddrijver

    Scenario: Warp Artefact

    In this scenario, a strange artefact has been found and two warbands are fighting over control. However, the artefact shows quite a few weird and dangerous properties! This hasn't been playtested and I'm looking mainly for some feedback on the special battlefield conditions and the rewards.
  11. Pddrijver

    Scenario: Toxic Skirmish

    Hi everyone, recently I wrote up this scenario, involving toxic waste markers randomly appearing on the battlefield. (sprung pipes, leaking vents etc) I playtested it once and it was quite fun!
  12. T

    NCE Tunnels of Love 1.0

    A set of rules and scenarios for those with limited access to "normal" scenery but with good access to Space Hulk board tiles. The scenarios are harsh, but the rewards are great - dare you enter the tunnels of love?
  13. enyoss

    Request for your game results data

    I am canvassing the yaktribe collective to gather data on which scenarios are being played most often, how often the defender or attacker wins, along with other useful stuff. Partly this comes from my attempts in this thread to estimate the win/lose probabilities for an attacker in the Ambush...
  14. TakUnderhand

    Necromunda Battle Report - Swarm at the Gate

    We played Swarm at the Gate earlier this year. I really like this one - @Loriel has put a heap of effort into it. It's also a great way to fire off some weapons that just aren't usually accessible, bash the hell out of the Tyranid scum, with a real sense of danger and excitement. Add that to...
  15. ArbitorIan

    LRB Necromunda Compilation II 2015-11-07

    This is a compilation of all the currently available LRB and Underhive era articles into one handy PDF, with lovely formatting so that it looks like a real Necromunda book.with lovely formatting so that it looks like a real Necromunda book. Compiled by ArbitorIan
  16. A

    ORB Necromunda Compilation I 2015-11-02

    This is a compilation of all the ORB and boxed-set era Journal, Gang War and early Necromunda Magazine rules, with lovely formatting so that it looks like a real Necromunda book. Compiled by ArbitorIan