1. Wings wip

    Wings wip

    Color shift attempt
  2. Hive Guys

    Hive Guys

    Wip, needs a fence and some railings. Rear/sideview.
  3. O

    NCE Building the Necromundan Ash Waste Battlebus

    -The Ash Waste Battlebus ready for vehicular mayhem in the ash wastes. Please read on below for a description of how it got built. “No, none of these will do,” rasps the grizzled gang leader as he limps down the final row of surplus vehicles with the shantytown salesmech. “Just look at these...
  4. Dorchester dismounting.jpg

    Dorchester dismounting.jpg

  5. Dorchester Battlebus.jpg

    Dorchester Battlebus.jpg

  6. Dorchester interior painted.jpg

    Dorchester interior painted.jpg

  7. Dorchester underside painted.jpg

    Dorchester underside painted.jpg

  8. Dorchester painted.jpg

    Dorchester painted.jpg

  9. Dorchester with gangers.jpg

    Dorchester with gangers.jpg

  10. Dorchester interior completed.jpg

    Dorchester interior completed.jpg

  11. Dorchester hood and side.jpg

    Dorchester hood and side.jpg

  12. Dorchester body completed.jpg

    Dorchester body completed.jpg

  13. Dorchester interior.jpg

    Dorchester interior.jpg

  14. Dorchester underside.jpg

    Dorchester underside.jpg

  15. Gomogate1.jpg


  16. Gomogate2.jpg


  17. Gomogate3.jpg


  18. Gomogate4.jpg


  19. Gomogate5.jpg


  20. Gomogate6chucknbob.jpg