1. F

    Which gangs had new sculpts in N03?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this or if it's easily answered by a link around here. I tried google, but haven't had much luck. Which gangs had Specialist Games resculpts/replacements for '03? I know that Redemptionists and Ratskins did because I've accidentally stumbled across them on...
  2. brassmonkey

    Necromunda Trap Jaw and the Masters of the Underhive

    Hey scummers! Firstly, I hope this is the right place to post this. Admin, please show me the error of my ways if not... I am taking orders now for my Trap Jaw sculpt to be cast again in resin. I have opened a Masters of the Underhive Facecrack group if anyone wanted to join. Otherwise, feel...
  3. brassmonkey

    Necromunda Brass Monkey's Sculpting Shenanigans

    Hey there Yaktribe! I'm starting this thread as a place to show my finished and not-so-finished miniature sculpts. They are all characters that would be at home anywhere from the Underhive to the Spire and possibly even the wastes beyond... I'll start by posting my first Underhive denizen, one...