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    The 'zerker my son commissioned is now in the painting stage. Woot woot.
  2. WIP Battle Mages & Shadow Warriors

    WIP Battle Mages & Shadow Warriors

    Happy birthday YakTribe! This night I'll be trying to paint these two Mages and finish sculpting the unti of Shadow Warriors. Maybe paint them as well, if putty dries fast enough...
  3. Sculpting Wood Elves

    Sculpting Wood Elves

  4. thehenrysouth

    How to sculpt cloth

    Hey gang, hope this will be useful to the wider community, there's always room for more loin cloths or an extra cloak. So I've written up how I got about sculpting cloth on my blog. Hope this helps! [Leader] Olivia...
  5. brassmonkey

    Necromunda Trap Jaw and the Masters of the Underhive

    Hey scummers! Firstly, I hope this is the right place to post this. Admin, please show me the error of my ways if not... I am taking orders now for my Trap Jaw sculpt to be cast again in resin. I have opened a Masters of the Underhive Facecrack group if anyone wanted to join. Otherwise, feel...
  6. brassmonkey

    Necromunda Brass Monkey's Sculpting Shenanigans

    Hey there Yaktribe! I'm starting this thread as a place to show my finished and not-so-finished miniature sculpts. They are all characters that would be at home anywhere from the Underhive to the Spire and possibly even the wastes beyond... I'll start by posting my first Underhive denizen, one...
  7. BeardLegend

    Beardy's Comp Entries

    The Story Behind This Thread ... Well ... Hi. I'm BeardLegend, Beardy, T-Beard. I am a bandana-clad Orlock who is interested in all aspects of the modelling hobby. The unfortunate part of that is ... I'm not very good, you see. I took up sculpting not too long after joining this community. I...
  8. TakUnderhand

    Clay shapers - advice please

    I'm starting to really get into my sculpting, and I'm thinking about upgrading my clay shapers. I have a set similar to this, and it's ok - a real step up from trying to do everything with steel tools. But how much better should I go? This single Fimo tool is discounted to £12 - as a...
  9. K

    Necromunda KRVSH'DYCE World in Progress

    Alright, so as I like how you guys are having a chat about projects, I'd like to join although I'm not having a decent camera at hand. I will borrow one as soon it's time for some serious progress. Right now I'm working on test pieces whilst expanding a stock of terrain materials and collecting...