shadow war: armageddon

  1. Aulenback

    On the Precipice.

    Ahoy, all. In another thread on this board, chatting about bringing Necromunda Gangers into Blackstone Fortress as characters, I was reminded that Precipice [from BSF] might make an excellent setting to blend both ORB Necromunda and Shadow War: Armageddon. It is not a military combat zone, but...
  2. hreikin

    Shadow War : Armageddon - Hive Gangs & Outlaws 0.6

    The purpose of these rules is to allow you to play as a Hive Gang or Hive Outlaws in your games of Shadow War : Armageddon. Below you can see a few notes regarding how the rules have been constructed. Most of the content in this document is copied from the ORB version of Necromunda/Outlanders...
  3. Achilles

    Ash's Shadow War: Armageddon Battle Reports

    I'll keep this post updated with my Shadow War: Armageddon games! :)