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  1. MusingWarboss

    Necromunda MusingWarboss' Modelling and Painting log (Currently: Too many projects!! 😫)

    Hello YakTribe Community! I joined here ages ago, back when it was still Yakromunda I think!!! I've been hanging out in the forums, though I never actually got round to posting any pictures of my stuff, even though I've been admiring all of your work! :notworthy: So I decided it was time to...
  2. MusingWarboss

    SW:A Fighter Cards 2.5

    Shadow War: Armageddon Fighter Cards. Some cards to record your fighters stats and weapons, skills and equipment on, in the same manner as N17's Fighter Cards. These ones have been tailored for SW:A and include the correct statline, 40k 2nd style weapon line and three boxes to mark 'Mission...
  3. hreikin

    Shadow War : Armageddon - Campaign System Overhaul 0.2

    The Shadow War : Armageddon - Campaign System Overhaul has been designed to give a little more depth to the campaign system while still keeping the same streamlined approach. Replace the pre-existing campaign system with this document, it is very similar but also has some minor and major...
  4. D

    DagobahDave's Shadow War Resources

    Here's my collection of fan-made stuff for Shadow War: Armageddon so far. I'm interested in bridging Necromunda and Shadow War, and I'm bringing some Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay baggage with me (taking a rat catcher's view of 40K). CAMPAIGNS...
  5. D

    deleted this 2018-07-28

  6. Insurgent


    My local game store says they are getting it in tomorrow. What's the word with you guys?
  7. Insurgent

    Post your first game SWA

    Talk about your first game. Let me know your first impressions. Feel free to drop in after you have played a few and remember to list what factions are fighting each other.
  8. crimsonsun

    Concerns regarding the Kill teams PDF

    So I was just looking at the PDF for Kill teams and as much as I can make out it seems pretty messed up and I hope its not going to be indicative for the entire system. So as far as I can make out the game uses a version of 2nd edition 40k rules or those used by Necromunda which is pretty cool...
  9. YakTribe

    Additional Kill Teams 1.0

    This resource contains additional rules for Shadow War: Armageddon. Download is from Games Workshop directly and includes the following rules: Chaos Space Marines Dark Eldar Wych Craftworld Eldar Genestealer Cult Grey Knights Harlequin Troupe Necrons Skitarii Rangers Tau Pathfinders Tyranid...