skill table

  1. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: skill tables

    So after some tinkering, here is a 1.1 draft for the reworked skill tables. My goal was to make it possible to roll randomly on any skill table with no chance of duds. You can select skills in two ways: pick from primary (but you can't pick a skill which someone else in your gang already knows)...
  2. JawRippa

    N18 Skill rework

    A lot of skills are basically a stat advance with condition (Ex: Berserker charge: gain an additional attack on charge. So +1A advance is strictly better.), while others just lazily copy weapon traits (Backstab, Disarm, Parry). Few skills are just no-brainers (Overseer, Nerves of Steel, Fast...
  3. Eldarin

    Shadow Wars Skills Table

    They fixed the nonsense that was Marksman. I'm amazed.