1. V

    N18 Overwatch

    I have a problem in a campaign about Overwatch skill RAW. What counts action Carried out? Maybe this thin line drops in translation. Game situations : 1. My sniper stands on a long narrow street and enemy ganger runs across with one move. I dons have LOS on him on start or end of his move. BUT...
  2. T

    N18 How does Firestorm work ?

    Hey, I was wondering about the ruling of Firestorm and how to choose the target. For example the closest target it picked in the firestorm, but if while resolving damage the first closest target dies due to said damage is another target (the next closest) then picked as the new firestorm damage...
  3. T

    When the Chaos leader dies

    When starting a Chaos Cult, the Demagogue always starts with the unique cult leader skill. What happens when the leader dies? Most likely a Champion takes over the position as the leader. But the champion has already selected a primary skill. Can the new leader have the cult leader skill? Is it...
  4. Eldarin

    Shadow Wars Skills Table

    They fixed the nonsense that was Marksman. I'm amazed.
  5. Hanson666

    Bulging Biceps and Strength 4

    Can a Ganger with the Bulging Biceps skill and strength 4 hit an opponent at strength 5? I normally use the NCE rules. Thanks for any answers :^)
  6. Mamutera

    Get back a bit of disarm thrill?

    Hi, I've been recently going back and forth between ORB, LRB and NCE to see how skills have evolved. When reading, I felt like disarm had lost a bit of gameplay quality moments because the skill no longer destroys enemies weapons. I know, that the skill can be spammed and also it ends up...