1. G

    N18 Does the Connected skill work on gangers

    Hi, I was looking at the Savant skill tree for one of my gangers. I was thinking of giving him Connected to get more bonuses on the trading post, but when checking the rules for post-battle actions, the rulebook says characters with the Gang Hierarchy (X) can make post battle actions (pg. 144)...
  2. G

    N18 Restraint Protocols and the new rulebook

    Hey all. With the release of the new rulebook and the overhaul on how capturing fighters work, the Palanite Drill Skill Restraint Protocols no longer function. Has anyone seen if we have official errata for them yet? In the meantime do you think it would be best to match Restraint Protocols to...
  3. L

    N18 Squats- Stubborn to the Last question

    H,i new to Necromunda and have been playing a campaign as IH Squats. I have recently added the skill Stubborn to the Last to a champ and have had some conflicting issues with the Rules of it. It states that when a fighter is taken out of action, before being removed from the table they may...
  4. T

    N18 Van Saar house favours

    Hi all - reading over the van saar house favours table there is one called Cranial Inload. Ganger gets a free skill. The fluff says "....developed a technique to temporarily impart muscle memory......" But the rule itself doesn't make any mention of it being for one game only......would you say...
  5. G

    N18 Spending 15xp to gain a skill from ANY skill set

    I'm fairly sure this is the case but want to double check with you all in case I've missed a rule stating otherwise. On the advancements table, is you spend 15xp is reads: The fighter gains a random skill from ANY Skill Set. Since it does say ANY, and they've emboldened it to make it obvious...
  6. G

    Bug Two Bugs (Subjugator Shotgun & Road Sergeant Skill)

    Just a couple of bugs/Errors I've found and wanted to make a record of. The Orlock gang leader has Savant as a secondary skill in Yaktribe, where House of Iron has it marked up as Primary. Secondly the Subjugator ranks can buy Enforcer Boltguns/Shotguns.
  7. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: skill tables

    So after some tinkering, here is a 1.1 draft for the reworked skill tables. My goal was to make it possible to roll randomly on any skill table with no chance of duds. You can select skills in two ways: pick from primary (but you can't pick a skill which someone else in your gang already knows)...
  8. A

    Bug Custom Skills Error 500

    Hi guys! I am trying to add in the Muscle group skills for Goliath's House of Chains rules. I have been able to get in all the skills without any descriptions without issue, however, whenever I try to add in any of the descriptions that're longer than 2 lines I get: This page isn’t working...
  9. Flashard

    N18 First build attempt: Enforcers

    Really like the look of the forum so far (one of the NM group I just joined pointed me towards it) and the list building / printing tools are awesome. Decided to go for Palanites (which I incorrectly pronounce Palatines on a regular basis) for our upcoming campaign as I like the story around...
  10. R

    N18 Precision hit skill + Rapid fire

    Do you have input on what happens to a rapid fire shot that rolls natural 6 to hit and more than one hit on the number of hits. (Can also hit two different targets) Do they all ignore armour or just some? :/ Opinions?
  11. Thorgor

    N18 Goonhammer article on skills

    The good folks at Goonhammer are at it again. This time, they talked about skills. I was particularly happy to read their final thoughts at the end, as it's a truth I've hardly seen expressed outside this forum before. Their ranking of skills could also prove an invaluable starting point for...
  12. JawRippa

    N18 Skill rework

    A lot of skills are basically a stat advance with condition (Ex: Berserker charge: gain an additional attack on charge. So +1A advance is strictly better.), while others just lazily copy weapon traits (Backstab, Disarm, Parry). Few skills are just no-brainers (Overseer, Nerves of Steel, Fast...
  13. Kairae

    N18 True Grit and Injury rolls without Damage

    True Grit says: "Against attacks with Damage 1, roll two dice – the player controlling the fighter with True Grit, can then choose one dice to discard before the effects of the other are resolved." How does this work against attacks without Damage (Toxin and Gas) or Injury rolls caused by...
  14. Kyreid

    Van Saar 2nd champion skill?

    Hello all, I wanted to pick everyone’s brains on a skill for my second champion. We have just started a campaign and at the end of my first game I acquired a second champion. I already have a champion with plasma gun and fast shot and a leader with overlord. The second champion is equipped with...
  15. spafe

    Escher leader skills

    So, having settled on my load out for the Voodoo Dolls (here:, I'm thinking about the starting skills for my leader. This is for a campaign that will be starting in a month or 2, and will be a long running one. My thoughts were therefore initially...
  16. C

    Basic weapon loadout for starting Van Saar.

    Currently playing around with my first Van Saar list. Played a few games of Underhive and enjoyed it. Want to start a gang and have picked Van Saar on the grounds I like their look and they're shooty. (I usually always go close combat in 40k). We shall be following N17 rules... So, basically...
  17. Kairae

    When I think about you, I Inspire myself!

    Can a fighter with Inspirational affect themselves? “If a friendly fighter within 6’’ of this fighter fails a Cool check, make a Leadership check for this fighter. If it passes, the Cool check is also treated as having been passed.” I think, RAW, they can:: because the fighter is always...
  18. L

    NCE Weak NCE skills

    Hey, Does anyone think some of the revised NCE skills (particularly agility) are sorta crappy? Agility - Jump pack - rubbish ability! You can only use it in the start of YOUR turn. Meaning, it is almost useless for defending against a close combat monster who charged you, as you'll most...
  19. T

    New Skill Ideas

    It's that time again when I try suggest new/different skills for some of the tables. Namely Ferocity and Muscle, because I think they are a bit weak (minus body slam). Ferocity table - Unload (v2): 1/round after resolving a ranged attack with a pistol or basic weapon, you may make a second...
  20. Eldarin

    Shadow Wars Skills Table

    They fixed the nonsense that was Marksman. I'm amazed.