1. Hanson666

    Bulging Biceps and Strength 4

    Can a Ganger with the Bulging Biceps skill and strength 4 hit an opponent at strength 5? I normally use the NCE rules. Thanks for any answers :^)
  2. enyoss

    Escher gang: which skill tree to help get into combat?

    I wasn't sure whether to put this thread in this section or the tactics section. Still, seeing as it does relate directly to a gang I'm running right now, I thought I'd put it here (plus, this section gets more traffic :)). Anyway, I'm in a quandry with which skill trees to take with one or two...
  3. L

    Balancing techno

    What do people think of the idea of items created by the (techno) inventor skill only being usable by the gang who made it? It would stop ridiculous exploits like selling OIAM lascannons and skyrocketing ahead of the opposition. It also makes sense that merchants would be less keen to buy some...
  4. SirFrog

    Rerolls and order

    So, after reading this thread on hand-to-hand fighting, I went back and re-read the rules concerning re-rolls, and concluded that they do indeed state that you can only re-roll any given dice once. There's been at least one thread on the issue previously, but I'm seriously miffed about re-rolls...
  5. Blood Donor

    NCE Journeyman Skills Journeyman Skills v.1.01

    A re-edited, re-worked version of the Hive Ken Skills, Journeyman Skills allow regular House gangers to take on extra-curricular vocations during campaign play if they roll up a New Skill from any of the 2, 3-4, 10-11, or 12 results from the 2D6 Skill Advances table. Providing an interesting...