1. Wasteland

    Masters of the Universe goes Skirmish!

    Hello folks, GW just announced that they secured the rights to do a tabletop skirmish game with none other than the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. For the first time in gaming history, you will be able to transform yourself from a feeble Prince into the most powerful man in the Universe which is...
  2. Wasteland

    Freebooter´s Fate - A fantasy/pirate skirmish tabletop game

    I played the new Doom game in 2017 and enjoyed it tremendously. After this great experience, I simply had to buy the corresponding boardgame. A quick journey to a nearby city was in order for this endeavour because no game store in my home town had this boardgame available. So I grabbed the last...
  3. K

    Pinnacle of Zombie Games?

    It transpired it's fun to create Nekromasse, a present day zombie apocalypse game loosely based on the classic skirmisher Necromunda and taking into account what other zombie games do right. The idea however is to make the same NPC zombie mechanics applicable for Necromunda itself...