1. Nob slaver

    Nob slaver

    A repaint of one of my early posts, with other very slight edits I made after the first one was taken. Figure that since spanners and slavers cost 1 more than a normal boy and have the same profile, it seems ok that my job can also be a slaver if I pay extra.
  2. Slave Guild.jpg

    Slave Guild.jpg

    Mercator Sanquis (WIP)
  3. Shackleman WiP

    Shackleman WiP

  4. Mercator Sanguis

    Mercator Sanguis

    Chain Lord, Shakleman and two Pit Fighters
  5. Guilder B

    Guilder B

    This is the hairer, meaner, grubbier "down-hive" slave-owning Guilder.
  6. Orngog

    Necromunda Slaver Gang

    So from a small piece of fluff, a thread emerges... I had the idea of building a slaver gang, more because of discussions on how slaving works than anything else. Necromunda is such a fun place, and looking around is a large part of that for me; it's a great lens for 40k. I've always liked...
  7. Orngog

    Slaver Gangs discussion

    An idea I was playing with recently (I've actually started some preliminary model work), a gang composed of slavers. After some flufftalk we hit across some hurdles- What kind of slaves? We only hear about pit slaves (as in fighting pit, not mine pit) but presumably there are slaves with two...
  8. YakTribe

    Chaos Dwarf Slaver Warband 1.0

    The black mines and factories of the Chaos Dwarf Empire require an ever growing population of slaves. The livespan of a slave in the mines around the Tower of Gorgoth or in the factories of the Plain of Zharr is not long -- they are worked literally to death. Thus, every day the Chaos Dwarf...