space marine

  1. Vulkan's Head

    Vulkan's Head

    The first "sub-assembly" finished. Zenithal primed with Chaos Black and Mechanicus Standard Grey via rattlecan, then given multiple washes of Nuln Oil. Eyes were done with Evil Sunz Scarlet, and his teeth were done with White Scar followed by a little bit of Reikland Fleshshade.
  2. Primarch Vulkan in Progress

    Primarch Vulkan in Progress

    The green zenithal highlighting was done by airbrush. (Chaos Black > Caliban Green > Moot Green > White Scar > Waywatcher Green) As opposed to returning completely to black however, areas to be made black were first painted in Mechanicus Standard Grey and then given multiple washes of Nuln Oil.
  3. Scout for Yakcomp#40

    Scout for Yakcomp#40

    A slightly chopped up Wolf Scout. Must repair.
  4. marine body.jpg

    marine body.jpg

  5. The Word

    The Word

    mark of the the word bearers
  6. Just a space marine Terminator captain

    Just a space marine Terminator captain

  7. YakMarine Librarian

    YakMarine Librarian

    My necromunda in-game avatar.
  8. Lexandro D'Arquebus Statue

    Lexandro D'Arquebus Statue

    Somebody hasn't been showing due deference!
  9. Narwhal King

    Space Marines stats help

    Me and my friends are doing an Inquisimunda Campaign, and due to lack of miniatures, want to use some space marines in a warband. How would we stat it and what would the point value be?
  10. B

    Space Hulk 2nd edition - Travel Size 2016-03-03

    Based on Space Hulk 2nd edition. Contains all tiles and counters. Rules not included. Created by NeoDroid.
  11. Bonestomper


    I know Space Marines are a taboo in Necromunda, but I have these old Space Crusade models with all the weapon choices and so couldn't resist. I also use house rules that give Chapters different bonuses and minuses to the stats listed. These rules were copied/adjusted from the Chaos Space Marine...