space marines

  1. HH Salamanders

    HH Salamanders

    Pretty much my entire Salamanders collection as of 7 Mar 2023. Top shelf is everything I normally pack into a 3000pt list in Horus Heresy 2.0. The shelf below is everything that's either legacy models, units set aside for larger games, 40k-only crap, or being prepped for list alternatives.
  2. Missile Squad, Champion, Master of Signals, BF30k

    Missile Squad, Champion, Master of Signals, BF30k

    More ongoing work, this time with airbrushing. This is about as far as I got today with a highlight of Moot Green.
  3. Legion Champion and Master of Signals

    Legion Champion and Master of Signals

    One of the most satisfying conversions I've done so far. I went with a "sword & board" build for my Salamanders Legion Champion since they can take dragonscale stormshields in Horus Heresy, which when combined with artificer armour and a refractor field makes this guy about as tanky as cataphracti.
  4. Salamanders Heavy Support Squad w/ Missile Launchers

    Salamanders Heavy Support Squad w/ Missile Launchers

    A full 10-man Heavy Support Squad for Horus Heresy. Some adjustments were needed to allow the Proteus-II Missile Launchers I was using to pair up with the Mk III arms, but all in all it came together quite well.
  5. Missile Launcher Heavy Support Squad [WIP]

    Missile Launcher Heavy Support Squad [WIP]

    Mk III bodies with Proteus-II-Pattern missile launchers and Salamanders upgrade sprues.
  6. Salamanders Veteran Seeker Squad 1.0

    Salamanders Veteran Seeker Squad 1.0

    A fun bunch of firstborn marines, loosely themed around a Horus Heresy Seeker Squad. I kind of developed a reputation for scoring uncanny killshots with the meltas in one of my local groups when the odds were stacked against them, even after factoring in the one free re-roll to hit per phase.
  7. Nusphigor

    Nusphigor's thread of minis

    Hello guys. I will upload here some pics of my minis as i paint them. For the moment I want to start with these minis from my Space Marines Kill Team. I kinda want to paint them differently from my Raven Guard army so i was thinking of doing a custom chapter with blood red armour and paint them...
  8. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Space Marine Fleet List 2019-03-02

    "And they shall know no fear!" Space Marine Fleet lists for Battlefleet Gothic. Space Marine ships of every non-heretical flavor! Space Wolves Fleet List and unique ships Carcharodons Unique Ships Legion of the Damned
  9. B

    Lost Patrol 2016-03-03

    Lost Patrol is the second publication in a series of mini-games by Games Workshop. In this 2-player game you choose either scout-marines or the 'lurkers'. Scouts are represented in familiar WH40K miniatures when 'lurkers' are just cardboard tokens. The board is created with a hexagon tiles as...
  10. grimwork

    NCE Space Marines Version 1.1

    >> SPACE MARINES IN THE UNDERHIVE << Confrontation by Les Edwards, 1983. Inspired by Les Edwards' great artwork (and because I couldn't find some adequate rules) I have written my own rules for Space Marines in the Underhive. Beginning with the Underhive Bestiary in the Outlanders Rulebook I...
  11. YakTribe

    WH40K Blood in the Machine July 2013

    Added for it's use of hive cities similar to Necormunda. ++Today, I will teach your kind the meaning of wrath. I will kill a thousand of your filth-breed before your blood dries on my gauntlets.++ ++Gabriel Seth, Chapter Master of The Flesh Tearers++ About this Edition An armageddon audio...
  12. YakTribe

    WH40K Bloodspire January 2014

    It takes place on a hive world like Necromunda. It is a story about a Blood Angel assault on a hive. Interesting and different perspective on a similar setting as Necromunda. THE STORY On the world of Axonar, a squad of Blood Angels Scouts scale the dizzying heights of a mighty hive city as...