spyrer hunter

  1. Yakcomp #51

    Yakcomp #51

    Finished entry
  2. Yakcomp #51

    Yakcomp #51

    Finished entry
  3. Yakcomp #51

    Yakcomp #51

    Finished entry
  4. Wings wip

    Wings wip

    Color shift attempt
  5. Yeld painting wip

    Yeld painting wip

    First couple of colors slowly going on
  6. Ready for paint, back

    Ready for paint, back

    Primed and dry brushed
  7. Ready for paint, front

    Ready for paint, front

    As the title says, primed and dry brushed for undershading
  8. Green stuff veins

    Green stuff veins

    Hopefully insect-like
  9. Wings, back

    Wings, back

    Glued the wings on, finally!
  10. Yeld wip, back

    Yeld wip, back

    Cut up and glued some bits to hold the wings
  11. Yeld wings wip back

    Yeld wings wip back

    Test of insect wings
  12. Yeld wings wip

    Yeld wings wip

    Insect wings positioned with poster putty
  13. Spyrer headswap accomplished

    Spyrer headswap accomplished

  14. Yakcomp 51 bits

    Yakcomp 51 bits

    The plan is a Yeld Spyrer.
  15. Never enough Spyrers!

    Never enough Spyrers!

  16. Jakara 02 - Copy.jpg

    Jakara 02 - Copy.jpg

  17. Jakara 01 - Copy.jpg

    Jakara 01 - Copy.jpg

    completed january 2023
  18. Hive Brat Leader

    Hive Brat Leader

    Combining Tau and Harlequin bits to create a new version of the old "Hive Brats" idea.
  19. IMG_20200706_174545.jpg


  20. IMG_20200706_174702.jpg