1. Orrus wip

    Orrus wip

  2. Hive Brat Leader

    Hive Brat Leader

    Combining Tau and Harlequin bits to create a new version of the old "Hive Brats" idea.
  3. G

    Orrus Proxy

    Help me Yakkers, you're my only hope! Need help finding a modern take on the Orrus suite. Saved a pic of a 3rd party Orrus model someone is producing and for the life of me I can't find it. I'm hoping it's an stl file so I can 3D print one, or failing that I'll just buy the dam thing... if I...
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  5. IMG_20200706_174545.jpg


  6. IMG_20200706_174702.jpg


  7. IMG_20200706_174727.jpg


  8. IMG_20200706_174750.jpg


    Spyrer, malcadon, spyrer hunter,
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  10. Yakday 2020

    Yakday 2020

    Jakara Spyrer painted for YakDay 2020
  11. Spyrer gang (a bit older)

    Spyrer gang (a bit older)

  12. Jakara Jetbike with sword

    Jakara Jetbike with sword

  13. Spyrer - Orrus 1 - Front

    Spyrer - Orrus 1 - Front

  14. Spyrer - Malcadon 1 - Front

    Spyrer - Malcadon 1 - Front

  15. Spyrer - Jakara 1 - Front

    Spyrer - Jakara 1 - Front

  16. Loriel

    N17 Gangs of the Babel 2

    Here is rules for outlander gangs used in Spire of Babel campaign. Rules are converted from OCE rules for latest N18 ruleset. For the most part they are usable in any Dominon campaign but some of the rules are designed especially for Spire of Babel campaign.
  17. Kitcar

    NCE Best Spyrer Gang Configuration

    Hey all, having read a few posts on Spyrers has made me look at my collection and wonder (not only will I finish them???) what the most effective choices would be? For example, would a gang of all Yeld be effective or is a mix always better? Plus, how do YOU pronounce Spyrers? :) EDIT...
  18. G

    Necromunda OOP Necromunda Figures

    Parting with some OOP Necromunda Figures. Buyer pays shipping form Canada BC. Reasonable offers welcome, low ballers need not apply. See pics for details and condition:
  19. Graushwein

    NCE Inferno Spyrer 2.0

    Original thread, Inferno Spyrer. After some play testing I found that a faster and less armored Inferno was preferable to a slower and heavily armored one. Have you ever noticed that flamer sales skyrocket as soon as a Spyrer gang is spotted? I think it is high time that the Spyrers fight fire...
  20. Ikiry0

    Homebrew Gang: Spyrer Hunt

    With the Hospitaler Mission basically done at this point, I wanted to take a shot at everyone's favourite serial killers. Maybe I should narrow that down, I wanted to do Spyrers. Spyrer Rules These are, currently, not even in alpha as I'm still throwing stuff at the wall. In part because I'm...