1. Jakara Jetbike with sword

    Jakara Jetbike with sword

  2. Spyrer Team

    Spyrer Team

  3. Spyrer - Yeld 1 - Front.JPG

    Spyrer - Yeld 1 - Front.JPG

  4. Spyrer - Malcadon 2 - Front

    Spyrer - Malcadon 2 - Front

  5. Loriel

    N17 N17 Spyrers 0.1

    Me, @Graushwein and @Ikiry0 have teamed up to make rules for Spyrers. They are based on the NCE spyrer gang. This is the first version and we hope to get some feedback on the rules. Here is link to WIP thread https://yaktribe.games/community/forums/gangs-loadout.5/page-2
  6. Draconic

    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    Hi Yaktribe! I have been lurking on here since the recent resurgence of Necromunda and my subsequent return to the hobby after 20yrs. I thought i would post up a thread about my current Pit Slave gang project that i have been working on. I know how helpful everyone else's posts and the internet...
  7. Jaws

    NCE Tyranids in the Hive (Spyrer rewrite) 1.1

    Just a Spyrer rewrite.
  8. Loriel

    N17 Spyrers for N17 WIP

    Spyrers for N17 VAULT LINK: https://yaktribe.games/community/vault/n17-spyrers.955/ Introduction: First I started a project for Spyrers on my own, but @Graushwein and @Ikiry0 suggested that we would team up to make these rules better. Hopefully we can come up with decent rules that capture...
  9. Graushwein

    NCE Inferno Spyrer 2.0

    Original thread, Inferno Spyrer. After some play testing I found that a faster and less armored Inferno was preferable to a slower and heavily armored one. Have you ever noticed that flamer sales skyrocket as soon as a Spyrer gang is spotted? I think it is high time that the Spyrers fight fire...
  10. Space Truckin

    Necromunda Future Gang Release Rumours

    So rumour mill over at battle bunnies is saying it will be van saars, cawdor and then delaque at the end of the year.
  11. Jaws

    Spyrers / Tyranids.

    I have been playing Necromunda with some new guys lately. And one of them really, really wants to use his Tyranids in the game. I don't mind much about fluff and such, but he needs some rules to use. First thing that popped into my mind was just converting the Shadow War rules. But a quick...
  12. A

    Spyrers As A Normal Gang

    Hallo! I'm planning a Necromunda campaign with some altered circumstances; leading to Spyrers being trapped in the underhive and having to work more like a normal gang. I bashed together some rules for this, but while I have a lot of experience writing game rules in general, I'm fairly new to...
  13. YakTribe

    Necromunda Blood Royal 2005-08-09

    The Story Meet Kal Jerico: rogue, bounty hunter and swashbuckler in the towering urban hell of Necromunda. The illegitimate offspring of the planet’s ruler, Kal shunned his royal roots to take up the career of hired gun. Following a botched job with former rival-turned-bounty hunter, Yolanda...
  14. Tiny

    NCE Outlanders Community Edition 2019

    The OCE is based on the Necromunda: Outlanders supplement published in 1996. It also includes The Heist scenario and Pit Slave Gang rules from White Dwarf. OCE is not an attempt to overhaul or hugely expand the Necromunda game, instead it should be seen as a fan update to an already solid set of...
  15. YakTribe

    LRB Spyrers 2014-03-08

    Even in the living nightmare of the Underhive, the Spyrers are spoken of with a shudder. Parents scare small children into obedience with a mention of their name and grown men fall silent at tales of their attacks. To Underhive dwellers they are demons of the darkness, blood-soaked fiends who...
  16. Loriel

    Loriel's Terrain / Model Blog

    Introduction Hello! I am a long time Warhammer, Necromunda and mordheim player and this is my random blog of random stuff. This blog contains mostly Necromunda stuff, but occational warhammer fantasy battle + Mordheim items also can come accross. Last update (17.3.2019) Necromunda Projects...