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  4. Malazan 7th Squad Squats

    Malazan 7th Squad Squats

  5. The Gang of abhumans

    The Gang of abhumans

    Soem of my converted guys for the abhuman uprising warband
  6. W

    N18 Squat Claim Jumper

    The new Squat Claim Jumper's rules are floating around. (Not my picture) What do people think?
  7. Squat Leader.jpg

    Squat Leader.jpg

    Ironhead Boltpistol, Power Fist,Power Hammer and Stone Burner
  8. Squat Specialist.jpg

    Squat Specialist.jpg

    Ironhead Boltpistol And Power Axe
  9. Squat Digger 1.jpg

    Squat Digger 1.jpg

    Ironhead Boltpistol x2
  10. Kyn 1.jpg

    Kyn 1.jpg

    Ironhead Boltgun and Knife
  11. Kyn 3.jpg

    Kyn 3.jpg

    Ironhead Autogun and Knife
  12. Kyn 2.jpg

    Kyn 2.jpg

    Ironhead Boltgun and Knife
  13. Drill Kyn.jpg

    Drill Kyn.jpg

    Heavy Stubber, Bio-booster,Ironhead Stub Gun and Stone Burner
  14. Digger 2.jpg

    Digger 2.jpg

    Ironhead Autopistol x2
  15. Squat Gang.jpg

    Squat Gang.jpg

    The Gang
  16. Ironhead Sentinel part 2

    Ironhead Sentinel part 2

    Some more progress on my sentinel. Should I scrape off the aquillas? And what can I add to make it more squat like?
  17. Naxim WIP

    Naxim WIP

  18. Squat Medic, Tyran Indegesto

    Squat Medic, Tyran Indegesto

    Ever since GW made him illegal, Tyran has been hiding in the Underhive, away from the eyes of the Inquisition and Fluff absolutists. As a skilled medic he will aid gangers for a fee. His small stature means, like Oddjob in Goldeneye, most think he should be banned as anyone shooting at him will miss
  19. Yakcomp 41 Progress

    Yakcomp 41 Progress

  20. Not so stuntie #4 comparison

    Not so stuntie #4 comparison

    Ork for scale