1. The Wyrmling

    The Wyrmling

    Placeholder Image for now, this is supposed to be a psychic familiar for my GSC gang
  2. Knuffe

    GorkaMorka grot rebel liberated buggy

    So i got me a Simca 5 in 1/35 scale, and turned it into a buggy for the Grot rebels. My "Liberators of ork materiel."(rebbel cell name is a work in progress.) The digganob rules hint that Grot rebbels do not have buggys. I say the Gretchin liberation front don't know, nor care to follow those...
  3. YakTribe

    Night Goblins 3.21

    Much of the Old World is infested with tribes of Orcs and Goblins and Mordheim is no exception. The Night Goblins especially like the deep dark places and avoid the daylight wherever possible. Whilst they are quite capable of digging their own tunnels and will do to avoid contact with others...