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  1. T

    Help with delaque first build

    Hi all, i am building my first necromunda gang and was looking for some advice on my starting roster, I've built a starting template and not sure if its viable. I will be playing a few skirmishes to start with (mostly against genestealers, squat prospectors and palenite enforcers) and then...
  2. servo_scribe

    N18 HoI Orlock - 3 Champ starting list?

    First time NM player here, my local club is starting a Dominion campaign in January. I've given the compiled rules and HoI book a run through, and it seems there used to be a rule of 'max 2 champs' when starting, that is no longer the case. With that in mind some of the 'starter gang' posts here...
  3. R

    N18 Squats: 1000 credit starting list, feedback appreciated 👍

    Leader: 210 creds Ironhead autopistol Power fist Mesh armour Skill: Overseer Champion 1: 275 creds Ironhead heavy stubber Photo-goggles Mesh armour Skill: bulging biceps Champion 2: 135 creds Ironhead autopistol Smoke grenade Mesh armour Skill: Dependable like kin Specialist: 100 creds...
  4. C

    N18 Forget top tier, what is the worst gang list you can think of?

    This is kind of a weird post, but my little cousin and his friends want to learn Necromunda. I'll be overseeing them for a week so we will probably do a mini-campaign of 4-5 games or so. They play Kill Team and are competent enough with skirmish rules, but their list building skills are...
  5. P

    N18 Escher Campaign start tips

    Hey all I want to know if somebody has some tips regarding my Escher starting gang. I know there's another thread going around right now, but it looks like I kind of want to take my gang in a different direction (a lot more melee oriented). Tips and tricks on how to play Escher are also welcome...
  6. P

    N18 Enforcers out of boxset

    Hello all, I didn’t see a general enforcer thread like the other “house of” book threads. I have the box set coming with corpse grinders and am working on an enforcer starting gang and thinking of the following. I do have an ambot...
  7. Seraphin's Sisterhood HoB CC

    Seraphin's Sisterhood HoB CC

    Campagin Starting Gang
  8. M

    N18 Starter/Dominion Goliath Gang

    I am brand new to Necromunda, but am potentially going to take part in a Dominion campaign shortly. I have chosen Goliath as my gang of choice due to the "rule of cool"! I am currently in the process of modeling up and deciding upon a starting gang. As such, not having played a single game of...
  9. V

    First take on a Delaque gang, C&C welcome

    Well this will be my first rough scetch of a starting Delaque gang with the limitations the sprue leaves us with. I know I could convert stuff but I will be honest... I like the aesthetics of the Delaque weapons and I dont think weapons from other lines really fit into it. So without more...