1. SirWalterManny

    N18 House of Shadow: Delaque Sub Plots

    I love some of the sub-plots for being so thematic (“No witnesses”, “eyes in the dark” and “host of shadows” I’m looking at you)… but struggling with a few of them in how they are supposed to work. Not sure if I am just tired and misreading, or If these are really just not clear: 7 “Craven is...
  2. tehsaq

    N17 Printable Illustrated Custom Sub-plot Cards 6.0

    Inspired by Xiądz's excellent tactics cards I've made a set of illustrated Sub-plot cards from the Necromunda Underhive rulebook. As with the tactics cards, print them in A4 and put in a sleeve with a spare MTG card for stiffness. I've had to trim flavour text in many cases and rules text in a...
  3. B

    N18 House Sub-plots with Outlaw Gangs

    Hello, Hive citizens, I come with a question that is troubling me, and it's about House Sub-plots. Let's say I want to run a Dominion Campaign, but want to include the Black Market and Criminal Alliances that came in the Book of Judgment as well as Guild Alliances from the Book of Peril and I...