1. Rigormortis

    N18 Custom Scenario, Outbound Signal

    I had a custom scenario idea that think sounds kinda fun. All constructive criticsms and suggestions for balancing tweaks are welcome. Outbound Signal A gang has come into possession of a sensitive and valuable data package. Sending the data to their House will increase their standing and be...
  2. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: suggestions

    Current list of suggestions for YCE. Old list is hidden in spoilers now. 2). Because of previous change, fighting 1v2 and splitting attack dice between 2 targets is resolved as 2 separate fight sequences, resolved 1 by 1. 3). Double weapons (any combination of 2 melee and sidearm weapons)...
  3. Ardavion

    To kitbash, convert, or purchase: "modern-looking" vampires

    I'm looking at starting a Vampire gang for Necromunda; miniature wise I've got thralls sorted, but the vampires have got me in a quandary. While there are a lot of vampire models out there, the ones I've seen are very much in the fantasy vein, and specifically are vampires making lots of grand...
  4. SirFrog

    Suggestion Update YakTribe browser icon

    It seems like the icon (I think it's called "favicon") is still the default XenForo one. It's at least very obvious in the new Firefox. I'm not sure if it's intended or a bug, just figured I'd give you a heads-up.
  5. Shiaic

    Necromunda Shiaic's suggestions for gang and campaign management tools

    This is a bump for some of the suggestions originally posted here (now locked). 2) Current Open Battles page - Separate colours for each of the different gangs involved in the battle when they are displayed in the Current Open Battles page, eg. when you are tracking the status of down/OOA...