1. Gutter Town 8.jpg

    Gutter Town 8.jpg

    All of the toxic pools were made with clear resin
  2. Gutter Town 6.jpg

    Gutter Town 6.jpg

    Another baby sumpkroc!
  3. Gutter Town 5.jpg

    Gutter Town 5.jpg

    Baby sumpkrocs!
  4. Gutter town 4.jpg

    Gutter town 4.jpg

    Corner tile for my Zone Mortalis board featuring burst pipes and a small sump pool with baby sumpkrocs!
  5. Gutter Town 3.jpg

    Gutter Town 3.jpg

    Stop throwing out batteries in the sump! It's bad for the environment!
  6. Gutter Town 2.jpg

    Gutter Town 2.jpg

  7. Gutter Town 1.jpg

    Gutter Town 1.jpg

    Toxic Waste Pool with Sumpkroc for my Zone Mortalis board
  8. Spot


    Orian's loyal companion and best friend
  9. Spot


    Orian's best friend and loyal companion
  10. Sumpkroc


    Crunchy Toes my goliath sumpkroc.