1. YakTribe

    Vampire Hunters of Sylvania 1.0

    Death comes for each man. Nowhere is this more evident than the lands of Sylvania. The tyrannical reign of the Von Carsteins has held sway for generations, keeping man and beast cowering indoors once darkness falls. It is a dismal life that is lead in Sylvania, however it is often not over when...
  2. YakTribe

    Sylvanian Grave Robbers 1.0

    Dmitri's fingers twitched as he fiddled with the hammer and pry bar. The crude casket was half-rotten, but still kept it's contents sealed shut. Pushing down, he relieved the box of it's lid, and it's inhabitant sat upright, snarling. A wooden stake to it's chest laid it back to rest. Looking...
  3. YakTribe

    Survivors of Strigos 1.0

    The long-ago destruction of Mourkain scattered a people to the wind. These now nomadic people, known as Strigany, travel through the human kingdoms in small caravans and live off the land. Their legends still remember the golden-age when the 'undying king' was reigning over a rich and powerful...