tactic cards

  1. SirWalterManny

    N18 Gang Tactics Cards in 2017 Underhive Boxed Set

    Hi all, Can find lists of all tactics cards, but I'm specifically trying to just a list of how many tactics cards came with the original 2017 boxed set, and the names; I think there were 20 generic ones, of which I think several (but not all) were duplicates (+4 Escher and 4 Goliath specific...
  2. JawRippa

    N18 Simplifying how the tactic cards work

    I love the idea of tactic cards, but the way Games Workshop has implemented them leaves a lot to be desired. My biggest gripe is that they scare new players away because they are an extra layer of rules and preparation in a game which is very hard to get into already. So, I suggest the...
  3. R

    N18 Minimum number of tactic cards?

    Is there a minimum number of tactic cards to use for your gang? Some of the scenarious (6 in defense, 3 for all sides, 9 total) require the tactic cards to be chosen randomly from you deck. But I haven't found any wordings related to the minimum number of tactic cards the deck should consist of.
  4. FlatMattie

    N18 Last Gasp Coup de Grace

    In my most recent game we played the marauders scenario with me being the defender and the attacker having "scrag" as his special objective meaning he secretly selected one of my fighters and gets extra points for killing that fighter (he chose my leader). After a fairly bloody fire fight and...
  5. SirWalterManny

    Tactics Card Deck Size

    Can see a couple mentions of house rules from some time back, but just wanted to check: Is there any 'official' guidance on tactics card deck size or customisation? Having bought each of the gang card packs, and assuming more will come in the future, is there a minimum or maximum size deck you...
  6. Zayneth

    N17 Printable tactics cards template 1.0

    Attached is the template I have used for making my tactics cards for necromunda. I find you can cut for Japanese small sleeves or traditional American sized (mtg) per your preference. the pdfs are for ease of print and you can edit or copy the templates in work as errata happen. included are...
  7. celticgriffon

    Tactic and Gang Card Inventory

    Hi everyone, Unfortunately I seem to have mixed up my card sets for Escher, Goliath and the Base Boxed Set. The cards which state Escher or Goliath at the bottom are relatively easy to sort. But I am still not sure which came with the base set and which came with the Goliath and Escher...