1. kroot emblem.jpg

    kroot emblem.jpg

    Kroot and tau uwu
  2. Reaver Tau Devilfish

    Reaver Tau Devilfish

  3. naztek

    Homebrew Tau Stealth Kill Team

    Some mates and I have been playing some SWA games and an ongoing campaign and we are starting to get to the comfortable point where we homebrew and house rule things that make more sense or we feel are missing. As a Tau player, I felt severely underwhelemed by the pathfinder kill team options...
  4. naztek

    Tau Stealth Operatives 1.1

    I wanted to play my stealth suits as a kill team and after some back and forth with my local gaming group, came up with this homebrew kill team that is stealth suits and drone support. More of a thematic list than a power gaming response. Happy to get feedback.
  5. Pddrijver

    Tau Strike Force

    I have been busy sketching a possible list to include Tau in inquisimunda. Feedback is very welcome! I divided them in 4 different castes, each with a different bonus/malus. I also fleshed out some Tau-specific drones with different roles. Options to include either Kroot or Vespids and some...
  6. T

    [NECROMUNDA] Tau Gangers

    Anyone ever tried out the Tau Gangers yet? I have a set of Firewarriors that I can use to play a gang for the Tau. I also downloaded the rulebook, never played Necromunda; I will be buying terrain, foamcore, and setting it all up at the local game store to play some games of Necromunda. Any...
  7. C

    Starting Tau Gang Tips

    Hey Everyone, I am looking to start a Tau gang based on the NCE rule set. Having no experience of Tau and mid range experience with Necromunda, does anyone have any ideas for a starting roster? I have never played Outlanders either but my friends and I are starting a campaign soon so I'll...
  8. jimjimjimmyjim

    NCE Tau in the hive [take 2] 2014-04-03

    I have finally gotten round to updating the rules I wrote about 18 months ago. after play testing much more strenuously. the list is much better now with more balancing elements and several errors being removed. enjoy