1. Pipes.jpg


    Pipes made from old pen tubes. Glue together, cut to shape and painted.
  2. Binbag.jpg


    Bin bag made from tissue and ...well, bin bag. 😊 Cut out a tiny piece of bin bag, wrap around a tissue so it looks full, twist several times so it look closed and then keep it over a lighter for a second so plastic shrink and glue itself together. Just watch your hands (and surroundings).
  3. Brick wall sprue.jpg

    Brick wall sprue.jpg

    Brick wall made from leftover sprue. Very straightforward and requires almost no skill at all. All you need to do is to clean the sprues and cut them into more or less even length and then glue together.
  4. Cop Car 2.jpg

    Cop Car 2.jpg

  5. Cop Car 1.jpg

    Cop Car 1.jpg

    3D printed armored car I had gotten from an ebay lot. Painted into a Palanite Enforcer's car for additional terrain for my Zone Mortalis board.
  6. Gutter Town 13.jpg

    Gutter Town 13.jpg

  7. Gutter Town 12.jpg

    Gutter Town 12.jpg

  8. Gutter Town 11.jpg

    Gutter Town 11.jpg

  9. Gutter Town 10.jpg

    Gutter Town 10.jpg

  10. Gutter Town 9.jpg

    Gutter Town 9.jpg

  11. Gutter Town 8.jpg

    Gutter Town 8.jpg

    All of the toxic pools were made with clear resin
  12. Gutter Town 7.jpg

    Gutter Town 7.jpg

  13. Gutter Town 6.jpg

    Gutter Town 6.jpg

    Another baby sumpkroc!
  14. Gutter Town 5.jpg

    Gutter Town 5.jpg

    Baby sumpkrocs!
  15. Gutter town 4.jpg

    Gutter town 4.jpg

    Corner tile for my Zone Mortalis board featuring burst pipes and a small sump pool with baby sumpkrocs!
  16. Gutter Town 3.jpg

    Gutter Town 3.jpg

    Stop throwing out batteries in the sump! It's bad for the environment!
  17. Gutter Town 2.jpg

    Gutter Town 2.jpg

  18. Gutter Town 1.jpg

    Gutter Town 1.jpg

    Toxic Waste Pool with Sumpkroc for my Zone Mortalis board
  19. Silent Tower, detail

    Silent Tower, detail

  20. Silent Tower, detail

    Silent Tower, detail