1. Captain Brown

    Necromunda Captain Brown's Showcase of Building and Painting Old School Necromunda - Figures and Terrain

    I played the original Necromunda with my friends back in the mid-nineties, and we enjoyed it enough to ran a campaign and get everyone involved. So late 2019 I suggested we go back to our youth and re-start a Necromunda campaign. I asked the other members of my group to locate and possibly...
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  13. Gand on improvised terrain

    Gand on improvised terrain

    Took me about an hour those cans ha
  14. Necromunda posters GG3.jpg

    Necromunda posters GG3.jpg

    More posters compiled from the community and official sources. Edited from previous compilations made by others.
  15. Necromunda posters compilation GG2

    Necromunda posters compilation GG2

    Necromunda posters compilation 2, old favorites and new material.
  16. Necromunda posters compilation

    Necromunda posters compilation

    Necromunda posters compilation GG1
  17. Yakcomp #33 "Sump Smugglers Inebriated"

    Yakcomp #33 "Sump Smugglers Inebriated"

    On one of the small structures sticking out of the sludge sea behind Sludge Falls, Big Papa McGee runs his smuggling business, with the hired help (and muscle) of Hobb and Nobb.
  18. Yakcomp #33 wip

    Yakcomp #33 wip

    Platform pretty much done, now in Sweden-colour!
  19. DaveDave

    Necromunda Dave's Necromunda terrain

    Hi all! Thought I'd start a thread to post my terrain efforts in... The Pit Winch This was meant to be an entry for a competition (maybe on Facebook, can't remember) but I ended up making it too big and also ran out of time. Still glad it's (mainly) done though. Materials include a hard...