1. Tower ruin wip

    Tower ruin wip

    Stonework done, woodwork next
  2. Boneshrine1_finished.jpg


  3. Tower wip 1st floor

    Tower wip 1st floor

    Ruin for yakcomp #38, about done with stonework for the 1st floor
  4. Yakcomp #38 ruin wip

    Yakcomp #38 ruin wip

    Construction begins
  5. Yakcomp #38 tower wip

    Yakcomp #38 tower wip

    Bricks, beams and base. Treasure hunter for scale
  6. Yakcomp #38 wip ruin

    Yakcomp #38 wip ruin

    Materials for ruined tower
  7. J

    Joe’s corner of Necromunda

    So I’m taking the plunge into Necromunda for the first time. My Orlocks aren’t going to be delivered for a few days so I thought I’d get a head start on messing around with some terrain. Wanted to start with something simple and not too complex at first just to get my bearings so this is what I...
  8. Goliath Terrain/Relic - Pillar of Chains

    Goliath Terrain/Relic - Pillar of Chains

  9. Pulp_terrain_woodshed.jpg


    4Ground pre-painted cart shed/woodstore
  10. Abandoned factory wip

    Abandoned factory wip

    Gantries taking shape, granny grating, mdf and multiple types of glue
  11. Interior wip

    Interior wip

    Ready for gantries and detailing
  12. Abandoned factory wip

    Abandoned factory wip

    Assembled walls, before detailing and weathering
  13. I

    Help with terrain

    Hi, I'm trying to get started with necromunda underhive, but am really put off by the super expensive terrain. I actually like the 2d necromunda tiles from the first underhive starter set better than the new terrain (heresy I know), but it's going for crazy scalper prices on eBay. What should I do?
  14. PromethForge_manytanks.jpg


  15. IMG_20201221_231812.jpg


    Detailing with nail art beads
  16. IMG_20201221_195109.jpg


    Detailing with nail art beads
  17. IMG_20201221_175901.jpg


    Detailing with nail art beads
  18. IMG_20201221_092739.jpg


    small platforms stacked
  19. IMG_20201221_091227.jpg


    small platform
  20. IMG_20201221_090546.jpg


    had to undercoat some due to the way they assemble