1. M

    N18 How do you handle player challenges and scheduling in a campaign?

    My group is getting closer to starting a new campaign after our last one fizzled out pre-pandemic. One of the main factors our last attempt fell apart was the difficulty of issuing and receiving challenges, and the scheduling problems that could arise from it. We’re running a combined Dominion...
  2. Chch Necromunda Campaign Map - The Splice Feud

    Chch Necromunda Campaign Map - The Splice Feud

  3. RandomTerror

    N18 Corpse Farm and Fighting Pit territory interaction?

    Hello there! I've joined a campaign recently (playing Corpse Grinders) and just got my fingers in my first territoy, a beautiful Fighting Pit! This supplies me with two puny Hive Scummers each battle. My question is, if I get my fingers in a Corpse Farm next, would I get the bonus creds for...
  4. G

    N18 Cannot Find Territory Rules

    Hi! yes as the headline suggests - we cannot find rules to all territories in the rulebok for all territories generated for our dominion campaign here on yaktribe. For example, we can't find rules for underhive shrine or ash gate. Is there a source for territrory info we're missing ? (now we...
  5. Survivors.png


    Barely alive, extremely poisoned, after being flushed/drowned on Esher chem factories
  6. Plagueland's Ghosts.png

    Plagueland's Ghosts.png

    Vast survivors, who was drowned in poison rivers from Esher chem factories
  7. Field.jpg


    Ogryn cemetery
  8. B

    Necromunda Booms from territories

    Hi! We just started a campaign but don’t know if you should get the favors from territories during your gang making in the start?( lower price on gear and weapons etc.)..Or it starts after first campaign battle?
  9. Z

    N18 Dominion Campaign - Territory boon question

    So I'm playing a Delaque gang and the Drinking Hole special boon says: "A Delaque gang may not use the standard Boon. Instead, the player of the Delaque gang that controls this Territory may nominate three enemy fighters at the start of the battle, and places an Intoxicated marker on each...
  10. tehsaq

    N17 Printable Illustrated Custom Dominion Territories Cards 1.1

    Inspired by Xiądz's excellent tactics cards I've made a set of illustrated Territories cards for the Dominion campaign from the Necromunda Underhive rulebook. As with the tactics cards, print them in A4 and put in a sleeve with a spare MTG card for stiffness. I've dropped the rules off, bar a...
  11. Dnk_83

    N18 Needle Ways & Sentries Rule

    Right fellow yakkers, help me out here! I am playing a dominion campaign (as Delaque) and have Needle Ways so I am able to infiltrate up to two groups of three after round 1, excellent! HOWEVER, if I am the defender in a Sentries scenario what (of the below) happens: 1. I am able to infiltrate...
  12. A

    N17 Territory cards 1.0

    Territory cards for N17 Dominion Campaign. Print, sleeve with opaque sleeves and use during choosing territories for the campaign. Also can be used as a remainder of which territories belogns to which gang.
  13. Pddrijver

    Ideas for an addition to territories - Exploration

    Hi everyone, I like the mechanics for income in Inquisimunda, however, I think that they're a bit bland. After each battle, you send your guys to the same territories and collect your money. Mordheim uses a fun system where you search the city to find all kinds of fun stuff. I've been working...
  14. Shiaic

    House Rules: Custom Territories

    Hi all, I thought I'd create this thread for you all to post your custom Necromunda gang territories. Here are a few I've incorporated into my campaign: The Vault Income: 1D6x10. The vault is a blast-proof storage facility. The Gangers rent out space for merchants and other denizens to keep...
  15. draakeragon


    The outlanders obviously aren't going to be with the house gangs in the lower hive. But do some of them still live in the unserdark with the mutants or do they live outside of the hive like the scavvies and the ash waste Nomads? I could imagine that a chaos cult would be in the deepest darkest...
  16. Blood Donor

    Alternative Starting Territories Table

    As I had proposed making a separate table for finding Uncommon items on the Rare Trade Roll in the thread on Rare Trade options being more worth while, I think that having a custom setup for rolling your starting territories could be interesting. The idea is that it would make getting some of...